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A Complicated Plan is a Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located at the Outfitters Test Hangar in the Industrial District of New Los Angeles between Mia and Cross at late night.


"Guess the cat's outta the bag, huh?"
First prompt
Interrogate: "Demand to know if Mia killed those men."
"Killed? No! Not really. Just taught 'em a little lesson. Their mimeosomes are a lot tougher that they look."
Worry: "Make sure that Mia is not hurt."
"Don't worry about me. I'm a full-fledged BLADE who was trained by the best! By which I mean you, Chief."
"I guess I can tell you what happened now. I've been on a deep-cover operation. Super cloak-and-dagger-type stuff."
"And the client was Sakuraba Industries themselves! They wanted me to snare some group who was trying to steal information about their new weapon."
"If the information had leaked to a rival company--or worse, one of our enemies--it would have been a really bad scene."
"We were having our first meeting about the job when you ran into me that night in the residential district."
"And when you saw me in the commercial district, that was when they were having me steal the intel."
"The intel was fake, of course. Just some sham to give to the group that was trying to steal it for reals."
"And today was the day I sprung the trap and arrested the conspirators!"
"So what do you think? Preeetty neat, huh?"
Second prompt
Praise: "Say that her plan seems to have been executed flawlessly." (+ )
"Aw! Thanks, Chief!"
""I had a lot of support from Sakuraba Industries, but I'm still pretty pumped that I was able to capture the criminals all by myself."
""This mission has really given me a lot of confidence."
Tease: "Joke that only Mia would come up with something this complicated."
""Except that YOUR constant interference almost blew the whole darn thing!"
"But thankfully my expert improvisation saved the day and brought the mission to a flawless end."
"Also, doing it all by myself really helped to boost my confidence."
Bluff: "Claim that you had it figured out from the start."
"You are so full of it, Chief. You're like a silo! Or...some other building that's full of stuff"
"I guess I've grown so much as a BLADE that even you can't believe it, huh?"
"Although I must admit that I DID have a lot of support from Sakuraba Industries this time around."
""I'm gonna keep taking harder and harder missions, and before you know it, you'll have a new rival on your hands! A RIVAL! So cool."
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