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A Hat Fit for a Lady is a DLC Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is part of the New Quests Pack 3 of the Expansion Pass. It can be received from Beemer at Fonsa Myma Port, Uraya after Chapter 5.


  1. "Go to the Argentum Bazaar and search for Lhagen."
  2. "Speak with the nearby hat shops, or find a Blade with the ability to make a hat."
Route A: Talk to Lhagen with Vale in the party
(requires Weaving Lv.1 field skill).
  1. "Have Vale make the hat at Meske's house in Leftheria."
Route B: Talk to Hatatat near Honeycomb Sweets.
  1. "Ask Lhagen in the Argentum Bazaar about her vision for the hat."
  2. "Tell Hatatat in the Argentum Bazaar about Lhagen's vision for the hat."
  3. "Gather all the materials Hatatat needs to make the hat."
  4. "Give the materials to Hatatat in the Argentum Bazaar."
  • "Deliver the hat to Lhagen at the Argentum Bazaar."


"After you got a hat that was acceptable to Lhagen, she went back to Uraya. You can now make the hat at any time. (DLC Quest)."


If route A is chosen, the Lhagen's Hat Pattern key item is received when Vale speaks to Lhagen. If route B is chosen, the pattern is received as a reward upon quest completion.

Unlock Item

As with all DLC quests obtained from the Expansion Pass, the quest will only appear after the corresponding Key Item is collected from the menu.

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