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A Rare Sense of Justice is a quest in Torna ~ The Golden Country. It can be received from Macmac at Gormott's Lascham Cove.


  1. "Destroy the green barrels scattered across Torna and Gormott to remove Red Pollen Orbs from circulation." (70)
    • There are 77 possible barrels to break to fill this requirement.
  2. "Report to Macmac, who is in Torna's Yanchik Harbor, and receive an update on the situation."
  3. "Find and destroy the green barrels in Auresco, the royal capital of Torna." (4)
  4. "Defeat the bodyguards on the rooftops adjacent to the Fabri Industry Ward in Torna."
  5. "Chase down Morumo, who's escaped to Formide Shopping Ward in Torna."


"Morumo, the man behind the plan, has repented and vowed that from now on he'll only use legitimate means to make Formide Shopping Ward flourish."


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