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Addam Origo is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is pivotal in the game's backstory, as the Driver of the Aegis Mythra during the Aegis War five hundred years prior to the game's events.


Known as the Hero of Torna, Addam fought in the Aegis War alongside Mythra and the Titans, and together they managed to defeat Malos. Unfortunately, three continents were sunk to the bottom of the Cloud Sea during the conflict, and both Mythra and Addam wished to seal away the power of the Aegis so that the events would not repeat themselves in the future. Mythra created a new personality, called Pyra, and they took a ship out to the Cloud Sea, where he sealed her away and sank the ship.

Addam chose not to return to Torna. He left a message with Pyra, saying that the seal was not to last forever, and that when humanity became worthy to wield its power again, she would return and bring them hope. Following this, he headed for the Leftherian Archipelago and founded Fonsett Village. Underneath the ground in the Spirit Crucible Elpys, he sealed away the Third Aegis sword that represented the true powers of the Aegis. He then asked the Titan Azurda to guard the village and the sword.

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