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Sand attack

An Aeviter

Aeviters (Japanese: ティダーラ, Tidāra) are Insectoid creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are almost always found dormant, and will attack if approached. They can be found in Noctilum and Sylvalum. They are similar to Ictuses.


"Enduring insects that survive by absorbing ether from the atmosphere. Due to their intensely long lifespan, they mate only once every dozen years or so, and will often stop moving altogether in order to conserve energy."

"Before reaching maturation, aeviters live underground, feeding on the sap from tree roots and other organic matter they encounter. Though generally docile, they are also quite territorial, and will attack anything that encroaches on their ether-harvesting grounds."

Color Variants

Aeviters fall into two color variants:

List of Aeviters

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Balduino, the Wicked-Eyed Yellow Tyrant Noctilum Anytime All 89
Berthold, the Blue-Eyed Purple Tyrant Sylvalum Anytime All 75
Crazed Aeviter Yellow Normal Noctilum Anytime All 51 - 70
Macabre Aeviter Purple Normal Sylvalum Anytime All 51 - 70
Sand Aeviter Purple Normal Sylvalum Anytime All 41 - 50


Aeviter may be derived from English aeviternity from the Latin aeviternitas, meaning, in philosophy and theology, the midpoint between time and eternity or the mode of being of the angels, saints, and celestial bodies.


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