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Affinity (Japanese: キズナ, Kizuna) is a game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. When a Driver resonates with a Blade, a special Affinity bond is shared between the duo. The level of Affinity between a Driver and a Blade has an incidence in combat, strengthening the Driver as a battle progresses.

Affinity lines

XC2-Affinity-Line XC2-Affinity-Line-2
A short blue Affinity line between Pyra and Rex. Medium gold Affinity lines between Finch and Rex,
and between Dromarch and Nia.

During battle, a glowing Affinity line displayed on the screen connects a Driver and a Blade. This line shows the energy sent from the Blade to the Driver. It looks like the blue line connecting members when a Chain Attack is available in Xenoblade Chronicles, but the Affinity line can glow with different colors and can have different lengths, starting out blue but changing to gold when Affinity has increased to maxed. The closer a Driver stands to their Blade, the faster their Affinity increases. In Torna ~ The Golden Country this max Affinity can also be reached faster by switching between characters in a team. When a Driver is distanced from their Blade, the bond can be weakened or even severed completely. There are benefits to reaching maximum Affinity, such as the Blade using Arts more often, temporarily upgraded Blade and Driver Arts, and the unlocked ability to perform a level IV Special. In Torna ~ The Golden Country it also boosts movement speed.

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