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The Affinity Chart displaying the bond between Rex and Pyra

The Affinity Chart is a major game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. It is used for upgrading skills for Drivers and Blades. The Affinity Chart in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 differs from the affinity charts in Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X in that it does not display the party's affinity with a given area of the world or the affinity between NPCs.

Driver development


Driver development from the Affinity Chart

With the progression of the Affinity Chart, Drivers can unlock new skills by using Skill Points earned by completing Quests, this is similar to the Skill Tree mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles. Each character initially has access to 5 unlockable skills. This increases to 10 after unlocking 2 skills and 15 after unlocking 5.

After finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0), New Game Plus will be available and will allow Drivers to unlock a second Affinity Chart and learn additional skills.

Blade upgrade


Blade upgrade from the Affinity Chart

With the progression of the Affinity Chart, Blades will unlock new skills by completing certain achievements. The stronger the Affinity bond between the Blade and its Driver, the more skills they can access.

Organization and layout

Blade affinity charts are laid out in a half circle, with ten rows and five columns. Rows are read clockwise beginning at the lower right. Columns are read beginning with the innermost column. Each row represents a skill, and each column represents an affinity level. If a Blade does not have a skill at a particular affinity rank, that spot on the affinity chart is empty.

The first row on a Blade's affinity chart show its Key Rewards, from I to V. Unlocking a Key Reward allows skills to be improved to the level of the Key Reward. The next three rows are the Blade's Specials, from I to III. The Blade's Battle Skills occupy the next three rows. Field Skills occupy the last three rows.

Improving Blade skills

Blade skills are improved by meeting requirements. Examples include defeating a certain number of a specific enemy, or making a certain number of critical hits. For most Blades, Key Rewards are unlocked by increasing Trust with their Driver. Some rare Blades have other requirements for Key Rewards.


Completing a Blade Affinity Chart raises the Trust for its Driver to Rank S, and grants one or more weaponry books based on the Blade's crown rating:

1 crown Weaponry for Noobs
2 crowns Weaponry for Noobs × 3
3 crowns Intermediate Weaponry × 2
4 crowns Intermediate Weaponry × 3
5 crowns Intermediate Weaponry × 2
Ultimate Weaponry × 1

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