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The Affinity Chart is a major game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It displays the affinity between the main player and the party's members and the NPCs, as well as the affinity between the main player and the players across the Network. The Affinity Chart provides details about the type and strength of affinity links, as well as characters' traits.

Character Affinity

Img world08 01

The Affinity Chart showing Character Affinity

The Character Affinity Chart displays the links between all characters and NPCs the player has met. When the links with the allies increase, their Affinity becomes stronger. Affinity between Cross and other playable characters is measured by a heart gauge, with five hearts being the maximum value. Many Affinity Missions require that Cross have a certain amount of Affinity with a certain character. During certain cutscenes, the player may be given choices as to their course of action. Different characters will gain affinity with Cross depending on what the player selects. Building and raising the links with the allies will depend on:

  • The choice of the characters with whom the player sympathizes.
  • Some story events involved when a Affinity Mission is in progress.
  • The completion of Missions, particularly Story and Affinity Missions.
  • The answer and action to Soul Voices of a party member.

Unlike the Affinity Chart in Xenoblade Chronicles, the playable characters share the same chart as NPCs. As such, most playable characters, with the exception of Cross, have affinity links with NPCs. However, affinity links that are not between Cross and a playable character are not rated on strength on the Affinity Chart. One-sided affinity can also occur.

Player Affinity

Img world08 02

The Affinity Chart between Network's Players

Affinity links can be built with the other online players across the Network. Affinity grows between players when they complete a Squad Mission together.

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