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For the Boss, see Almandal (boss).
For the holofigure, see Almandal (holofigure).

Almandal piloted by Goetia

Almandal (English dub: /ˈɑːl.mənˌdɑːl/) (Japanese: アルマンダル, Arumandaru) is a subcategory in Xenoblade Chronicles X that consists of Goetia's Skell and similar machines. The term is used for one Main Boss piloted by Goetia during Chapter 7, and one Tyrant, Nardacyon, the Shadowless piloted by the Milsaadi Nahum, the Red Hare.


"Blindingly nimble crafts built to combat alien Skells. Though they specialize in close-quarters offensives that make use of their high mobility, the tail-mounted drones they employ allow for ranged attacks as well.

Their armor has been kept light so as not to weigh them down, and if need be, can even be purged entirely to allow for potent beam attacks. Such features mean their effiacy in combat depends largely on the user's skill and technique, and as such, qualified pilots are few and far in between. For this reason, research on AI integration is under way."

List of Almandal

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Almandal (boss) Light Boss Oblivia Chapter 7 All 28
Nardacyon, the Shadowless Dark Tyrant Primordia Anytime after Chapter 12 All 96
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