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Anchor Shot ( アンカーショット, Ankā Shotto) is a Driver Art in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is one of Rex's arts when wielding the Broadsword (Chapter 1) or an Aegis Sword. When using this salvager's unique Art, Rex fires his anchor at the enemy, causing one or more HP Potions to drop that restore Health to all of his allies. The player can choose to preserve this for a pinch or use it immediately as necessary.

After Vandham demonstrates the technique to Rex, Anchor Shot also gains the ability to inflict Topple if the first hit connects.


Level WP Dmg Ratio Double Potion Chance
1 - 100 10%
2 480 120 20%
3 2,160 140 30%
4 4,800 160 40%
5 12,000 180 50%
5, Max Affinity 192 50%
† Prior to Pyra's awakening, the WP needed to upgrade Anchor Shot is halved and power output doubled. Moreover, only one HP Potion will be dropped. All upgrades are reset upon Pyra's awakening.


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