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Angelita, the Blade Bouquet (Japanese: 剣輪のアンヘリタ, Kenrin no Anherita) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a member of the Sacrifole family. It can be found hidden at level 61 in the M'gando Mineral Spring in Cauldros. Defeating it is required to complete the eponymous Basic Mission Angelita, the Blade Bouquet.



Art Attribute Category Hits Range Effect Appendage Homing
Acid Shot Ether Ranged 3 Single Phys Res Down - Yes
Seed Shot Ether Ranged 5 Single - - Yes
Jamming Pollen Ether Ranged 1 Circle around caster Flinch, Fatigue - -
Spin Tackle Physical Melee 1 Single - - -


Part Item Type Rarity
Body Diamond Seed Material Rare
Head (2) Spicy Sacrifole Pollen Material Common
Head (1) Silver Sacrifole Feather Material Common
Body Shimmering Silk Material Common
Body Scratched Jewel Material Common
Body Sacrifole B Holofigure Intergalactic
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