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For the room location, see Apocrypha Generator (location).

The Apocrypha Generator (English dub: /əˈpɒkrᵻfə/) is a boss in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a machine that is capable of deactivating the Monado by emitting ether particles which counter and cancel out those of the Monado. It was created and used by Egil.


When Egil uses the Apocrypha, it emits a blue aura through Yaldabaoth, affecting the Monado. It is not until later that a generator below the Mechonis Core is found to be the source of this energy.


Galahad Fortress

Egil first uses the Apocrypha when the party faces him in Yaldabaoth at Galahad Fortress. It forces the Monado to its ground state, rendering it useless for fighting. He briefly explains that the Monado emits ether particles of one range, and that it can be shut down if it is exposed to opposing particles.

Fallen Arm

Even after Shulk escapes the battle from Galahad Fortress and falls to the Fallen Arm, the Apocrypha's effects are still in place, and the Monado cannot reactivate for a while. Eventually, Shulk forces it to reactivate, but the effort of using the Monado is now taxing to him, something that never happened since its first use.

Mechonis Core

The party uses Junks to re-enter the Mechonis in pursuit of Egil, who is now in the Mechonis Core. Junks flies them to the fifth floor of Central Factory and they make their way to the Apocrypha Generator room, which Vanea says is directly below the Core. They decide to destroy the generator, but it defends itself. After it is defeated, Shulk can once again use the Monado at its full power and learns Monado Cyclone.



Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Great Laser VI Talent (Ether) 1.55 – 1.75 1 Frontal Line Paralysis Yes (2) -
Magnetic Field: First Status - - Circle around caster Strength Down
Ether Defence Down
- -
Magnetic Field: Zero Status - - Circle around caster Strength Down
Ether Defence Down
- -
Shield Barrier Status - - - Physical Protect
Ether Protect
- -
Talent Absorb Status - - Circle around caster Talent Absorb - -
Laser Ether 1.3 – 1.5 4 - Topple - -

† It has not yet been confirmed whether this enemy uses Talent Absorb.


Break 70% Lock-On 0% Physical Def. ▼ 70% Agility ▼ 70%
Topple 0% Bind 70% Ether Def. ▼ 70% Aura Seal 0%
Daze 0% Paralysis 70% Strength ▼ 70% Arts Seal 100%
Sleep 100% Slow 70% Ether ▼ 70% Death 100%


Note: This enemy drops no chests, and the items are also impossible to steal through Yoink! because the enemy displays 100% resistance to item stealing.


Wood 0%
Silver 0%
Gold 0%

Wood chests will contain 1 or 2 items from the "Wood" table.
Silver chests will contain 2 items from the "Silver" table and 1 from the "Wood" table.
Gold chests will contain 2 items from the "Gold" table, and 1 from each of the "Silver" and "Wood" tables.


First Attack Plus IV Electric 0%
First Attack Plus IV Electric 0%


  • Apocrypha is an ancient Greek word, meaning "to hide something away". It usually is used for knowledge that is hidden or away of the general canon, even holding a derogatory term in some cases.
  • Riki's quote "Nyapakapow!" when the Apocrypha Generator is defeated, became an internet meme.
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