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An Aprica

Apricas (Japanese: ドメトム, Dometomu) are towering deer- or moose-like enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be found in Primordia, Noctilum, and Oblivia, as well as a mission-exclusive one in Cauldros. They are similar to Cervuses.


"Majestic creatures that live on meager diets of grass and water, which are supplemented by absorbing ether from the atmosphere with their antlers, as well as taking photosynthetic energy from their plant symbionts. Infants lack plants of their own, however, requiring the parents to part with a portion of theirs."

"During the day, aprica rest in sunny spots to aid photosynthesis. When night falls, they assemble in small groups for safety, rotating turns on guard duty to ensure the herd sleeps unharmed. Social bond are strong among them, and they have been known to conduct funerals in which the horn of the deceased is cast into a lake or river during a full moon--after which the herd collectively drinks from the water."

Color Variants

Apricas fall into two color variants:

  • Evergreen apricas have yellow markings on their antlers, and can drop Evergreen Aprica Antlers. They can be found in Primordia and Noctilum, and only appear during daylight hours.
  • Redwood apricas have red markings on their antlers, and can drop Redwood Aprica Antlers. They are found only in Oblivia, and can appear at any time of day or night.

List of Apricas

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Daylight Aprica Evergreen Normal Primordia Daytime All 41 - 50
Forest Aprica Evergreen Normal Noctilum Daytime All 21 – 30
Hardy Aprica Evergreen Normal Cauldros A Present for Hope All 37
Oskar, the Summer Squall Evergreen Tyrant Noctilum Daytime All 11
Primal Aprica Redwood Normal Oblivia Anytime All 41 – 50
Sviatoslav, the Reproachful Redwood Tyrant Oblivia Anytime Rain 39
Wise Aprica Redwood Normal Oblivia Anytime All 21 – 30


"Aprica" is derived from Latin apricus, meaning sunny.


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