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For the boss and normal variants, see Ardainian Soldier (boss) and Ardainian Soldier (normal).

Ardainian Rider

In the early parts of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country, the player will encounter various Ardainian soldiers as enemies. These are members of the Ardainian military. They are found primarily in the Titan Battleship and Torigoth Relay Base in Gormott Province in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and on or near the Ardainian Flagship moored to Lascham Cove in Gormott in Torna ~ The Golden Country. After Mòrag joins the party in Chapter 4, most of these soldiers become nonhostile, turning into generic unnamed NPCs, while the members of the Ardainian insurgent groups Brionac or Lindwurm will still attack the party.

Appearance-wise, there are four categories of Ardainian soldiers.

  • Soldiers and Sergeants are foot units. They are fought on land and use steam rifles as their primary weapons.
  • Rotts are canid creatures. They are fought on land and are usually found next to Soldiers.
  • Fighters are aerial units, Cetus Titans flown by human pilots.
  • Defense mechanism units. These are large terrestrial Archelon Titans. They are often immune to Break inflicted by the player, although they themselves have an Art that temporarily gives them the status.

List of Ardainian Soldier enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monster


Quest Exclusive Bosses

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Torna ~ The Golden Country

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  • Although it was not officially indicated, the Patch (Ver.1.2.0) update modifies the voice lines of the Ardainian Soldiers:
"Think you can take me?" becomes "Take this!"
"Don't forget me!" becomes "Don't forget!"
"You're done!" keeps as such.


General Types

Special Soldiers

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