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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Argentum Trade Guild (Japanese: アヴァリティア商会, Avaritia shōkai, lit. Avaritia Company) is a Nation in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a mercantile organization located amidst the Argentum Titans, carried by the largest Titan in the area, Goldmouth. The Guild itself is built upon on a ship attached to this Titan, who serves to navigate the Cloud Sea like a balloon. The Argentum Trade Guild is a consortium of crafty merchants that has become enriched through it skillfully taking advantage of tensions between nations and exploiting the trade of war. It is one of the eleven Nopon Merchant Guilds found across Alrest, and the only accessible one. According to the quest Nopon Doubloons Ahoy, six other guilds are named in the game: Nopon; Larus; Momon; Nardron; Pyrithium, the smallest; and Voltis, the second largest. However Argentum's rise to dominance has left the others behind.



This trading hub is home to a wide variety of people, many of whom are Nopon. It is full of salvage and trading stops and is not affected by the ever-changing tides of Cloud Sea. The Titan floating above the Guild is only large enough to support the man-made structures of the city—there is no wildlife on the Titan itself. Many of the shops in this area are run by Nopon, and are usually crowded with customers.


The Guild's history is discussed in Adenine's Heart-to-Heart, "Walking Encyclopedia". Captain Nopopon was a legendary sailor who allegedly conquered all of the Cloud Sea and founded the Nopon Trade Guild. One of his descendants was a Driver that founded the Argentum Trade Guild. This Driver used his Blade as a trade associate, and by forming trade relations in areas affected by the disaster, the Argentum Trade Guild grew to new heights.


Bana, head of the Trade Guild

At the beginning of the story, Chairman Bana of the Argentum Trade Guild is approached by Torna in need of a Leftherian Salvager for a high-paying job. Rex ultimately accepts his offer and helps Torna bring up the Ancient Ship. After venturing inside the vessel, Torna and Rex find Pyra, the legendary Aegis. Before Torna can take Pyra for themselves, Rex becomes her Driver, and the two escape the Ancient Ship on Azurda. Bana then informs Dughall that the Aegis is headed to Gormott Province.

The party later stop by the Guild to get a ride to Mor Ardain. They were forced to chase a Gormotti child back to Gormott Province after he stole Roc's Core Crystal from Rex. After the helping the Gormotti kids defeat bandits, they bring Rhys and the other Gormotti children back to the Guild to work.


The marketplace

After Bana is found supplying Torna with unknown weaponry, he goes on the run, and Niranira is appointed the Acting Chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild. He attends the Ruler's Congress in Indol alongside leaders and representatives of the other Nations. Bana later plans to assassinate Queen Raqura with Giga Rosa, but he is stopped and captured by Mor Ardain. As punishment, Bana is put to work operating Goldmouth's generator, and Niranira is officially appointed to Chairman.

Niranira begins to look into Bana's schemes and finds out that Bana was secretly funding Lindwurm, a terrorist organization aimed at destroying nations such as the Empire of Mor Ardain. After stopping Don Dondon, Bana's father and the leader of Lindwurm, Don Dondon is captured and is put to work on Argentum's generator along with Bana.

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Both the Japanese and English names allude to one of the seven deadly sins, greed/avarice, the former using the Latin word and the latter is the Latin word for silver, or collectively, coins made from silver.




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