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This page lists all the quests available in the Argentum Trade Guild nation.

Terms and abbreviations are explained in the legend at the bottom of the page.

Quest Name Giver Location Prerequisites Rewards
Adenine's Password Adenine Goldmouth Warehouse During Limits of Awareness
Bana's Revenge Niranira Chairman's Room Chapter 10 started
Farewell, Good Friend completed
1,000 Dev Points
300 Trust
11,910 G
13,460 EXP
478 SP
Hexagon Chip
Fiber Hat
Opening Art V
Bana's Secret Treasure Niranira Bana's Bedroom Chapter 7 started 300 Dev Points
200 Trust
4,040 EXP
173 SP
Star Cube
Opal Chip
Better Late Than Never Gegebi Bower Lounge Stayed at Lemour Inn once 300 Dev Points
200 Trust
430 G
290 EXP
54 SP
Leather Gloves
Wolf Shoes
Big Job Preparations Story Quest Goldmouth Return Port "Gramps's Misgivings" cutscene viewed 40 EXP
Cargo Escort Ysolde Central Exchange Big Job Preparations completed 200 Dev Points
150 Trust
330 G
160 EXP
24 SP
Shell Cameo
Dagas's Past: Leftheria Dagas Reedirait Bookstore During Lost Kingdom
Eternal Spirit Perun Central Exchange Perun's level 2 "Chivalry" Field Skill 200 Trust
4,490 G
5,610 EXP
256 SP
Endurance III
Ice Def Up IV
Aggro Boost III
Fame and Family Falala Lemour Inn "Rex and His Many Sidekicks" cutscene viewed 1,000 Dev Points
300 Trust
4,320 G
3,000 EXP
203 SP
Machine Hunter II
Water Def Up II
Auto-Attack Stealth II
Fast Blade Switch I
Hero of the Nopon Rumtumtum Rumbletum Canteen Boreas's Key Affinity Lv. 5
Pyra, Nia, Tora, Mòrag, Zeke, and Boreas in the party
200 Trust
5,250 G
5,720 EXP
234 SP
Wind Def Up V
Evasion Focus IV
Auto-Attack Stealth IV
Hide and Seek Aft Bower Lounge Big Job Preparations completed 100 Dev Points
100 Trust
100 G
60 EXP
9 SP
Muscle Belt
Into the Open Sky Panpan Goldmouth Flight Deck Chapter 3 started 700 Dev Points
250 Trust
3,200 EXP
263 SP
Limits of Awareness Adenine Goldmouth Warehouse Adenine's Books tasks completed 200 Trust
6,060 G
7,170 EXP
270 SP
Wind Reflect
Arts Aggro Boost V
Alphabet Course+
Ester Shoes
A Real Challenge Zenobia Goldmouth Res. Dist. Zenobia sent on the "We Need To Talk!" Merc Mission 200 Trust
6,490 G
9,560 EXP
360 SP
Swift Evasion III
Outdoor Attack Up III
Nano-Metal Gauntlet
Break Stone
Birds of a Feather Noganga Goldmouth Wheelhouse Finch's level 5 Key Affinity unlocked 200 Trust
4,490 G
4,710 EXP
215 SP
Wind Def Up IV
Aerial Hunter III
Nopon Doubloons Ahoy Nunui Goldmouth Viewpoint Chapter 10 completed
Have at least one Nopon Doubloon
700 Dev Points
250 Trust
9,500 EXP
338 SP
Physical Defense Up V
Omega Drive
Zircon Chip (x3)
Uncover the Truth Notice Board Central Exchange Chapter 5 started 700 Dev Points
250 Trust
5,250 G
4,840 EXP
198 SP
Ether Defense Up IV
Break Resist IV
Beta Scope
Making Love Source (DLC) Poppi QT Lemour Inn Chapter 8 started
Poppi QT in party
200 Dev Points
200 Trust
10,860 EXP
495 SP
Love Source
Aubrite Chip (x2)
Jamming IV (x2)
Aggro Attack Up IV (x2)
Hot Spring Bonanza (DLC) Gachagacha Goldmouth Flight Deck Chapter 10 completed
Sheba, Kora, and Kasandra in party
400 Dev Points
400 Trust
39,600 EXP
1,406 SP
Angrite Chip (x2)
Blade Combo Boost V (x2)
Fusion Combo Up V (x2)
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