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For armour in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Armor.
For the buff, see Armour (buff).

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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Armour is protective equipment worn on the body of characters in Xenoblade Chronicles. Armour is dropped by enemies, earned from quests, bought at shops or received through trading with NPCs. It affects characters' stats as well as their appearance. The same piece of armour will look different on each character, but usually there are some similarities such as feathers or straps. There are often several different armours sharing the same appearance but having different stats. For a complete visual guide to the appearance of armour on each playable character, see Armour Recognition.

The Physical Def and Ether Def stats of equipped armour are added to the character's defence stats, while its Weight is subtracted from Agility, which affects the character's evasion and hit rate. Weight is generally related to related to the armour's type (Light, Medium, or Heavy), although there are exceptions; for example, the Empress Mask is classified as Light Armour, but has a relatively high weight of 5. The weight of equipped armour can be reduced by certain skills, such as Dunban's Equipment Expert.

Some armour can only be acquired via quests. For example the Dyed Top, Dyed Bottoms and Dyed Mules can only be acquired by completing A Young Captain's Request.

When selling armour at shops, the sell price is dependent on whether it has an empty slot; armour with 1 slot will sell for 20% more than the unslotted version. If a gem is equipped in the armour's slot, it will be removed and returned to the player's inventory when that armour is sold.

Riki's Buy Stuff! skill increases the sell price by 20%. This bonus is received even if he is not in the active party. In the case of slotted armour, the bonus is 20% of the normal sell price of the slotted item.

When buying armour at a shop, the purchase price is 10 times the selling price of the identical armour with the same number of slots. For example, a Nine Top with one slot can be sold for 96 G, but will cost 960 G when purchased at a shop. The purchase price is not affected by Riki's Buy Stuff! skill.

Pieces of Armour

There are five parts of the body on which armour can be equipped: Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, and Feet. Armour can only be equipped on the corresponding part of the body; for example Head Armour cannot be equipped on the Legs. This means to get a full set, five different pieces of armour must be obtained.

Types of Armour

There are four types of armour:

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