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Arms Manufacturers

Arms Manufacturers, or AMs, are corporations in Xenoblade Chronicles X where armaments are developed for characters and Skells. These include corporations such as Sakuraba Industries, Grenada Galactic Group, and Meredith & Co. The party can cooperate with them by promoting their products (by equipping them and using them in battle) or by providing Miranium. This cooperation allows the AMs to expand and upgrade their product lines. This corporation group is also known as Arms Company in the Japanese version.

Arms Manufacturers are supported by the Outfitters Division within BLADE.

Arms Manufacturers

Arms Manufacturers are forms of association that provide products such as weapons and armor to the party in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Using materials from certain corporations in battle more often than others will level up the materials and improve the corporation, giving the party bonuses and access to more equipment. They are known as Companies in the Japanese version.

Sakuraba Industries is the only Arms Manufacturer which manufactures all types of equipment. The Nopon Commerce Guild and Factory 1.21 do not manufacture armor. Orphean Technologies and Six Stars do not manufacture shields. Skell Wear is only manufactured by Sakuraba Industries and Grenada Galactic. BLADE Wear is only manufactured by Sakuraba.

AM Options

These options can be found at the AM Terminal in

Manage AMs

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Manage AMs options proposed by the Arms Manufacturers

This allows R&D points to be contributed to a manufacturer. R&D points can be earned by defeating enemies with weapons and armor produced by the corporation, and can be boosted by receiving Outfitter division support from other players. Alternatively, the party can provide Miranium to support a corporation. Increasing R&D points are needed to level up an Arms Manufacturer. When the level of the corporation increases, new product lines will be added to the Shop Terminal, and may begin to be salvaged from indigens. This option is known as Corporations Business Support in the Japanese version.

Upgrade Battle Traits

This allows the party to improve the stats of equipment using materials found throughout Mira. Each piece of equipment has a limit on the number of upgrades available, some not allowing any upgrades at all. Note that Augments cannot be improved through this method, only the built-in Bonuses called Battle Traits can be improved. This option is known as Affix Reinforcement Request in the Japanese version.

Engineer Augments

Reinforcing items called Augments can be created by using materials obtained through Mira. These Devices can be inserted into open slots on equipment similar to Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles. This option is known as Device Creation Request in the Japanese version.

Develop New Gear

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Develop New Gear option proposed by the Arms Manufacturers

New and unique equipment can be developed by using special materials. Some items may require a Schematic to be obtained first before it can be developed. This option is known as New Equipment Development in the Japanese version.

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