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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.


Ophion in the Cloud Sea

Artifices are powerful machines in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. They are meant to be used by Aegises. Many of them were used by Malos during the Aegis War, to fight against Mythra, the Titans, and the Blades. Artifices mostly resemble gargantuan humanoid mechs.

Although the Artifices may be used by any Aegis, Mythra and Pyra are particularly affiliated with Artifice Ophion, while Malos is able to command Gargoyles. Both Mythra and Malos are able to control their own Siren.


In the Siren model kit released by Monolith Soft, the history and creation of the Artifices are revealed. The Artifices are not man-made but were instead created by the Trinity Processor itself as a means to defend the First Low Orbit Station and the Conduit. The Artifices do not have any internal engines and instead run on "Slave Generators" to channel energy from the Conduit. The Artifices unsuccessfully defend the Beanstalk from the Saviorite rebels in the year 20XX, and while the Beanstalk Director proposes using Artifice Aion, Klaus decides to run his experiment that would create Alrest as a result.

After the experiment is run, many Sirens lay dormant in outer space. After Amalthus awakens Malos, Malos begins to attack Alrest by commanding Gargoyles and his own Siren, in what would become to be known as the Aegis War. Mythra awakens and gains control over her own Siren as well as Artifice Ophion. During the Aegis War, the Artifices cause heavy damage to the Titans on Alrest. The Titan of Coeia is destroyed at the hands of Malos, and Temperantia and Genbu faced severe damage. Mythra and Malos face off one last time with their Sirens on the Tornan Titan; the ensuing aftermath destroys Malos' Siren and Gargoyles, and the Tornan Titan sinks beneath the Cloud Sea.

After the events of the Aegis War, Malos loses control over the Gargoyles, and Ophion becomes no longer tied to Mythra. The Kingdom of Tantal later uses the Omega Fetter to give Ophion new orders to guard the World Tree in hopes of preventing another Aegis War level calamity. After seeing the destruction caused by her and Malos, Mythra creates her alter-ego Pyra and hopes to never use the Artifice's powers again.

500 years later, Rex and Pyra try to sail to the World Tree only to be stopped by Ophion. Later, Mythra reawakens to save Rex from Malos at the Olethro Playhouse, and she uses Siren's power to revert Malos' and Akhos' blades back into their Core Crystals. Mythra sparingly used Siren's power after she was awakened, in contrast to during the Aegis War when she would use Siren haphazardly. The party eventually travels to the Kingdom of Tantal and retrieves the Omega Fetter to command Ophion to stop guarding the World Tree. Torna intercepts them, and Jin uses his full power to absorb Siren's attacks; he later leaves with both Pyra and the Omega Fetter, which Malos then uses to command Ophion for himself. Malos also learns of Artifice Aion's existence and plans to destroy the world using Aion's power.

Once Pyra is reawakened as Pneuma, a battle between Ophion and Siren destroys the Gotrock Oracle Ruins and sends the party into the Land of Morytha. Pneuma uses Siren once again to attack Indol and prevent Amalthus from summoning and controlling Titans. As Malos reaches the First Low Orbit Station, he begins ordering the Sirens and Gargoyles to attack Alrest. Rex and Pneuma face off against Malos piloting Aion, and by directing Siren's particle cannon into the Aegis Sword, they are able to defeat him.

With Malos' defeat, the Artifices end their attack on Alrest. However, as Klaus and the Conduit disappear from the world, the World Tree begins to collapse; Pneuma stays behind to use Artifice Aion one last time to destroy the World Tree and save Alrest.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Normal Minor Enemy



Quest Exclusive Boss

Other significant Artifices

Torna ~ The Golden Country



  • All artifices listed can be battled except Siren.
  • Gargoyles appear in both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country but can only be battled in Torna ~ The Golden Country.


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