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Astral Heal

Astral Heal is a Support Battle Art in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It costs 1000 TP to cast. It restores HP to an ally, and restores all appendage HP if it is used on a Skell.


Class Rank Learned Weapon Type Range TP cost Effect Secondary Cooldown Tertiary Cooldown
Galactic Knight 1 Photon Saber Support Single 1000 Restores HP to the target + when in Skell: restores all appendage HP Immediate Reuse
Level Multiplier Cooldown BP Cost
1 Potential x 10 30.0s -
2 Potential x 12.5 25.2s 6
3 Potential x 15 22.8s 18
4 Potential x 17.5 20.4s 54
5 Potential x 20 18.0s 108
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