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Astral Protection

Astral Protection is an aura Art used by the Psycho Launchers in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a default art for the Galactic Knight class. It boosts all attribute resistances and restores HP when using arts.


Class Rank Learned Weapon Type Range Effect Secondary Cooldown Tertiary Cooldown
Galactic Knight 1 Psycho Launchers Aura Single Boost all attribute resistances + restores HP when using arts Aura tier +1/ effect duration +20s Aura tier +2/ effect duration +40s
Level Multiplier Cooldown Effect duration BP Cost
1 60.0 s 20.0 s -
2 50.4 s 22.0 s 6
3 45.6 s 24.0 s 18
4 40.8s 26.0s 54
5 36.0s 28.0s 108
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