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For the status in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Aura (XCX).

Auras are special beneficiary buffs in Xenoblade Chronicles. Many auras are unique in their effect and some are unique to certain characters or enemies and unlike other buffs. Some abilities requires a certain aura to be active before they can be used. Unlike other buffs, the caster can not activate more then one aura at the same time.

Arts that are categorized as Auras are orange in colour.


Examples of some auras include:

Trivia and Tips

  • Of all of the playable characters, Shulk is the only one without an aura. While selecting an art from the Monado palette, Shulk is considered to be in an Aura state.
  • Aura Heal gems are perhaps the only gem that is affected by aura.
  • Dunban's Sustained Spirit skill increases the aura duration by 10 seconds
  • Sharla's Aura Bullet art increases the aura duration by 10 seconds, and can be used multiple times during an aura if cool-down permits.
  • An aura activates immediately as the art is selected in battle.
  • Auras can be deactivated by pressing the aura's icon again while the aura is active. This is most noticeable with auras that last longer than their cooldown period, as pressing the aura button will deactivate the aura instead of using it (the aura can be used immediately after, however).
  • Auras appear to last roughly a second longer than their descriptions indicate. This is possibly due to the designers of the game adding extra time to compensate for the animation time the character takes when activating an aura.
  • Buff and Debuff icons appear/disappear roughly a second later after an aura begins/ends. This is easily tested with Sharla's Drive Boost aura and an Aura Heal gem. This aura prevents Sharla from moving and equipping an Aura Heal gem will also give her a regenerative buff icon. Immediately as the aura is selected Sharla will not be able to move, however it is only roughly a second later that the regenerative buff icon will appear. At the end of the aura Sharla will be able to move, but roughly a second later the regenerative buff icon will disappear.
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