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A ranged Auto-Attack performed by Cross

Auto-Attacks are battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles X. During a battle, a character will automatically perform an auto-attack with his or her Weapon if he or she is within range. Allies can perform an auto-attack close to enemies with their melee weapons, and at a certain range with their ranged weapons.

Similar to Xenoblade Chronicles, it is not possible for a player-controlled character to stop auto-attacking if the character is within range and is involved in combat. For a character controlled by the player to stop auto-attacking, one will need to move out of range, use an Art, or be in the process of reviving a incapacitated character.

Auto-attacks will not occur if the character is swimming. Characters that are swimming also cannot use their Battle Arts. Different weapons will have different auto-attack ranges.

There are two important features in Xenoblade Chronicles X, the Secondary Cooldown and the Tension gauge. Having both a Secondary Cooldown ready and a full Tension Gauge while continuing to auto-attack is very useful to regain the advantage and be able to reanimate an ally.

Secondary Cooldown

When an Art is used, it then goes on a Cooldown Time counter. By continuing to auto-attack an enemy, arts tied to the wielded weapon can begin a second Cooldown Time counter and begin to strengthen. By using this Art next time, it will be more efficient. Usually, the Secondary Cooldown increases its power by 250%. A Tertiary Cooldown is possible by activating an Overdrive, increasing most arts' power by 400%.

Tension Gauge


An example of a full Tension gauge with 3000 TP

Similar to Xenoblade Chronicles, there is a Tension system. By auto-attacking, Tension Points (TP) are accumulated. They can be used to reanimate a ally, or to activate an Overdrive by consuming 3000 TP.


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