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Awakening is an Aura that is used by some enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles.  The colour of the aura is tint blue. The enemy will usually activate the awakening aura when its HP is at least less than 50%. The duration of the aura depends on the enemy, though it isn't very long.


The enemies' level randomly increases. If the enemy is:

  • LV10 to LV19, the level increase is between 1 and 2
  • LV20 to LV49, the level increase is between 2 and 3
  • LV50+, the level increase is between 2 and 4

The colour of the enemies' window may change under normal conditions. This may cause enemies to have stronger stats.

Dispelling the aura

Enemies with Awakening Aura

Sorted by name of the art

Dark Howl

Elemental Activate

Generate Power

Insect Awakening

Leader's Might

Lone Warrior

Royal Gravity

Winged Awakening

Not caused by an art

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