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For the Administrative District landmark, see BLADE Barracks (landmark).

BLADE Barracks is a region in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located in New Los Angeles and is accessible from the eponymous landmark in the Administrative District. BLADE Barracks corresponds to the BLADE home. The Barracks accessed in-game is the one issued to Elma, which she shares with Cross, Lin, and Tatsu.



Bolded NPCs are BLADE members who can join the party if Cross asks them to.

Additional Features

As Cross's BLADE Level increases, he will be able to upgrade the BLADE Barracks to unlock new features by speaking to Eleonora. In order to receive the first upgrade, the player must first complete the mission BLADE Level Basics. The upgrades for each increase in BLADE Level are as follows:

  1. Default features
  2. Holofigure Projector: Can display holographic images of enemies, equipment, etc.
  3. Additional Lighting Settings
  4. Additional Room Colors
  5. Two additional Projectors
  6. Additional Wall Decals
  7. Two additional Projectors
  8. Additional Room Colors
  9. Extra Room Color Options
  10. Additional Wall Decals


Upgrades received from Eleonora can be used to customize the BLADE Barracks interior. Pets obtained by certain missions can also be set here to appear in the barracks. Go to the Customization Center which is a terminal in the BLADE Barracks to customize the interior.

Customization options:

  • Room Colors
  • Wall Decals
  • Lighting
  • Pets (requires completing Nine Lives affinity mission)

Pet List

There are 6 known pets:


  • Silver Tabby
  • Abyssinian
  • Calico


  • Labrador
  • Dalmatian
  • Beagle


This terminal option allows Skells to be registered to party members, replaced in the event it was wrecked in combat, change Skell gear, or customize the paint job.


Once unlocked, projectors can display a holographic image. Holofigures can be obtained as a random drop from defeated storyline Bosses, Tyrants, completing rows in the Collectopedia, and by completing missions.

Network Console

A chamber in the back contains a Network Console for online squad activities. This enables deployment on Squad Missions and Timed Missions. This console also enables the purchase of materials using Squad Tickets, as well as checking the Division rankings. Various other player scouts can be seen in this room as long as the game is online.

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