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The BLADE Report was a Network tool in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This feature has been discontinued. It was used to communicate with the Squad's players and exchange information with them. By progressing through the game within a Squad, a member could submit a report and share information with all the members such as a Treasure Box found, a new area, or a particular enemy. Previous, even old reports stored on the server might be received later. After a battle, Squad players could leave items to other players, a menu proposes to "Takes all", "Select and Take", "Sell all", or a Treasure Deal.

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The Report can be written on the Wii U GamePad. Received Reports can be recommended to other players. Reports with a significant number of recommendations can be received from another Squad player. It is possible to allow an ally access to a report or "Temporary Block" it, or to add an opponent to the "Block List".


By sending and recommended BLADE Reports, two Achievements could be obtained:

  • 186 - "The New Reporter": Filled a BLADE Report for the first time.
  • 187 - "You Tell 'Em!": Recommended another player's BLADE report for the first time.


Nintendo had announced the end of the Miiverse for November 7th or 8th depending on the countries. This leaded to the BLADE Report feature discontinuation.