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The BLADE Scout is a game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The BLADE Scout menu is available on a console at the BLADE area in New Los Angeles. It allows players to scout other players' Avatars.

Network Scouting

It is possible to recruit online allies amongst the players present across Mira, but also in the BLADE Area from the BLADE Scout Console. The console displays the Avatars informations of the players connected to the Network. It is possible to scout them and look for characteristics such as the Level or the Class Rank.

When the player's Avatar progresses amongst the allies' ones, Division Points are gathered and Precious Resources are collected. They can be exchanged with Reward Tickets, as well as a Blade Medal earned by completing a fight request against a Nemesis. It is possible to get a variety of items by exchanging Reward Tickets.

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  • If there is a level difference during the game, it may be required to get money.
  • When a certain time in the Squad team is elapsed, the player's avatar will withdraw.
  • Another player's Avatar cannot be the party leader.

Player's Avatar Registration

From the BLADE Scout Console, the player's Avatar can be registered, managed, and can be removed. When the Avatar evolves amongst the team allies, Experience Points are earned, items such as the Precious Resources are collected, it is possible to get some Rewards.

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Avatar registration on the BLADE Scout Console

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