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Coral Balaena

A Balaena

Balaenas (Japanese: バラエナ, Baraena) are Piscinoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are flying baleen whale-like creatures with two sac-like organs attached to their backs and are similar to Cetos in appearance. They can be found in Primordia and Oblivia and their surrounding waters.


"These whale-like creatures' dorsal sacs house vaporized biofluid that swells the organs like hot-air balloons, granting them aerial mobility. In rare cases, these dorsal sacs remain inflated after death, resulting in the carcass remaining airborne for years, and causing unique ecologies to form around them."

"Though generally slow, jet mechanisms near their tails allow for high-speed locomotion. They can also shell foes from afar with a kind of biological mortar. Monogamous in nature, balaenas produce a single offspring every three years, the rearing of which is handled by both partners. This period of raising young is streaked with irritability, resulting in the predation of creatures that the usually gentle balaenas would typically regard as symbionts."

Color Variants

Balaenas fall into two color variants:

List of Balaenas

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Coral Balaena Blue Normal Primordia Anytime All 31 - 40
Draken, the Drifting Cloud Purple Tyrant Primordia Anytime All 85
Ocean Balaena Blue Normal Oblivia
Oblivia Waters
Anytime All
Rajidi, the Cumuliform Blue Tyrant Primordia Anytime All 52
Sea Balaena Blue Normal Primordia Anytime All
Shoal Balaena Purple Normal Primordia Anytime All 41 - 50
Stratospheric Balaena Blue Normal Oblivia Fitting In All


Balaena may be derived from the genus Balaena, which contains the bowhead whales.

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