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Magister Baltrich is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country. He is one of multiple Magisters in the Indoline Praetorium during the Aegis War, and he holds a grudge towards Amalthus.


Magister Baltrich first reports the destruction of Coeia to Praetor Rhadallis. He and the other Magisters share suspicion on whether Malos can truly be controlled as Amalthus' Blade, but Rhadallis dismisses his concern and assures him that Malos is doing the Architect's work.

Stannif later speaks with Amalthus in a long hallway and reveals that Baltrich disapproves of Amalthus' work and his awakening of Malos. After Amalthus poisons Rhadallis' drink and usurps the role of Praetor, he has a Flesh Eater kill Baltrich in order to safeguard his new title of Praetor.

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