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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Battle Arts are battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. They are attacks that can do more damage than a regular attack. They can also heal or buff an ally, and afflict debuffs on a foe. All characters and enemies have Battle Arts. Usage of Battle Arts is restricted by a cooldown mechanic; once a Battle Art has been used, it cannot (usually) be used again after until a certain number of Auto-Attacks. Driver Arts also fill up the Blade Special meter, allowing Drivers to use increasingly powerful Blade Specials as more Arts are performed.

Driver Arts

XC2 art phys-3 rear 4

A typical Driver Art icon

Driver Arts are special techniques that a Driver can use with a variety of effects. After having performed a certain number of Auto-Attacks in a row and building up their Arts, Drivers can unleash Arts as attacks. While most deal damage, some allow the user to shield themselves or heal the party. The effect of a Driver Art can be increased by fulfilling a specific criteria when unleashing the Art. Some are stronger against a certain type of enemy, and some become more effective if an enemy is hit from a certain direction.

To upgrade Driver Arts, Drivers spend Weapon Points, which are earned by defeating enemies, on the "Enhance Arts" screen. Each type of weapon unleashes different Arts, and each party member utilizes four unique Arts for each type of weapon, of which they equip exactly three. Arts can individually be upgraded up to level 5, improving their damage and effect, and reducing the number of hits it takes for them to recharge. This is similar to the Art Points mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles. At max Affinity, Driver arts get stronger, using the hit ratio, effect value, and cooldown of the level above (if the art is already at level 5, it will just gain a stronger hit ratio and faster cooldown).

XC2-Driver-Arts XC2-Driver-Arts-2
Rex using Electra's Shield Hammer
and unleashing a Driver Art.
Nia using Electra's Shield Hammer
and unleashing a different Driver Art.

Even though Drivers are bonded to the same Blade and uses the same weapons, for example Rex and Nia using Electra's Shield Hammer, they will have different Driver Arts. Each specific weapon type leads to various powers and effects unique to each Driver.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Driver Arts (Nintendo Switch)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Driver Arts (Nintendo Switch)

Various Driver Arts used in battle

Driver Art Icons

The primary symbol in a Driver Art's icon indicates the type of art. Arts that can guard, heal, or inflict a reaction (Break, Knockback, etc) use the corresponding icon. All other arts use one of several icons that indicate whethre it's a Physical or Ether attack. (There are a few exceptions to this: Mòrag's "Echo Edge" Monado art and Zeke's four Bitball arts are Ether attacks, but have a Physical art icon.)

Physical attacks
XC2 art phys-1 none 0 XC2 art phys-2 none 0 XC2 art phys-3 none 0 XC2 art phys-4 none 0
Ether attacks
XC2 art eth-1 none 0 XC2 art eth-2 none 0 XC2 art eth-3 none 0 XC2 art eth-4 none 0
Driver Combo arts
XC2 art break none 0
XC2 art topple none 0
XC2 art launch none 0
XC2 art smash none 0
Reaction arts Other arts
XC2 art blowdown none 0
XC2 art knockback none 0
XC2 art defense none 0
XC2 art recovery none 0

Arts with a special effect are indicated by a smaller symbol in the lower half of the icon:

XC2 art front Extra damage if attacking from the enemy's front.
XC2 art rear Extra damage if attacking from the enemy's back / Evades enemy attacks for the

duration of the Art.

XC2 art side Extra damage if attacking from the enemy's side.
XC2 art fist Extra damage if the enemy is toppled or launched.
XC2 art heart Has an effect related to the user's HP.
(Extra damage when the user is at high/low HP, restores/drains the user's HP, etc.)
XC2 art cancel Increases damage ratio after canceling an auto-attack.
XC2 art target Increases damage dealt to enemies targeting the user.
XC2 art species Does extra damage to enemies of a certain type (e.g. aquatic enemies).
XC2 art aggro Increases or reduces aggro towards the user.
XC2 art potion Spawns one or two HP Potions on hit.
XC2 art recharge Critical hits will recharge the art used.

Finally, Area-of-Effect (AOE) arts are indicated by dots in the corners of the icon:

No dots
One target.
XC2 art 2dots Ahead of the user.
XC2 art 4dots Circle around the user.

Unique weapons

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Anchor Shot Topple / HP Potion
Sword Bash Back Attack ↑
Double Spinning Edge Side Attack ↑
Rolling Smash AOE / Aggro down

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Big Impact AOE / Blowdown
Upper Edge Launch
Electro Buster AOE / Toppled ↑
Voltaic Slash AOE / Machine ↑
Zeke Stratospheric Thunder Launch
Overload Thunder Beam AOE / Machine ↑
Dynamic Spark Sword Knockback / Front attack ↑
ULFS Max AOE / Toppled ↑ / Blowdown

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Saber Slash HP potion
Redemption Heal party
Hydro Blast AOE / Knockback
Water Flower Pierce

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Cyclone Smash Low HP ↑
Wild Scythe HP down / Evasion
Wing Smash Smash
Vortex Edge AOE / Aerial ↑
Vandham Muscle Slash Low HP ↑
‎Fast Twitch HP down / Evasion
Muscle Uppercut Launch
Mega Muscle AOE / Aerial ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Tora Rigid Shield Defense
Big Boost Topple / Low HP ↑
Spinning Cutter AOE / Aggro up
Steady Drill Launched ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Tora Dented Shield Smash
Pow-Pow Cannon Aggroed ↑
Scattershot Evasion
Booming Buster Knockback

Driver Arts Effect
Tora Swooshing Slash Launch
Speedy Sword Break
Steady Beam AOE / Heal on attack
Boom-Boom Laser Toppled ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Heat Rush Toppled ↑
Phantom Flame AOE / Evasion
Storm Spin AOE / Low HP ↑
Blazing Whip AOE / Aggro up
Mòrag Azure II: Hellfire Break
Azure II: Judgment Evasion
Azure II: Radiance AOE / Topple ↑
Azure II: Blaze AOE / Aggro up

Normal weapons

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Touchdown HP Potion
Brave Throw Toppled ↑
Strong Shot Full Attack Recovery
Mighty Ball Launched ↑
Nia Dolphin Spin HP Potion
Healing Circle Heal party
Falcon Turn Toppled ↑
Acrobatic Bomber AOE / Break
Mòrag Dragonbane Shot HP potion
Celestial Flash Heal party
Shadowrunner Launched ↑
Gliding Swallow High HP ↑
Zeke Rumble Pitch Back attack ↑
Pulverizing Dunk AOE / Toppled ↑
Shell Shot Heal party
Precipitous Impact AOE / HP potion

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Sword Uppercut Break
Feral Blade AOE / Aggro up
Breakdown Aggroed ↑
Dual Slash Evasion
Nia Deathbound Humanoid ↑
Scorpion Tail Evasion
Wolf Fang Aggroed ↑
Triple Flash AOE / Aggro up
Mòrag Aerial Slash Smash
Eclipse Blade Evasion
Overfall Aggroed ↑
Quadruple Slash Aggro up
Zeke Reverb Blade AOE / Evasion
Psychic Sword Side attack ↑
Aerial Edge AOE / Aggro up
Shogun Slash AOE / Aggroed ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Daring Shot High HP ↑
Armor Crusher Launched ↑ / Pierce
Grenade Launcher AOE / Blowdown
Wild Volley Damage Ratio Auto-Attack ↑
Nia Breach Shot Cancel ↑
Leopard Blow Break / Pierce
Pulse Fire High HP ↑
Cattle Driver Launched ↑
Mòrag Ogre Slam Break / Pierce
Woodcutter AOE / High HP ↑
Touch-Me-Not AOE
Mist Buster Launched ↑
Zeke Burst Gunner Break / Pierce
Laserpoint Bazooka AOE / Launched ↑
Blowback Cannon AOE / Knockback
Haywire Chainshot Cancel ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Strong Smash Toppled ↑
Axe Twist AOE / Aquatic ↑
Power Swipe Launch
Bold Tackle Critical recharge
Nia Brutal Blade Topple
Rhino Assault Critical recharge
Bear Smash Toppled ↑
Shadow Slice AOE / Aquatic ↑
Mòrag Gale Blade Blowdown
Admiral Waltz Critical Recast
Rising Dragon AOE / Launched ↑
Rock Cleaver Aquatic ↑
Zeke Spinning Elbow Topple
Triumphal Axe AOE / Knockback
Raging Charge AOE / Toppled ↑
Berserker Slash AOE / Critical recharge

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Feral Uppercut Blowdown / Cancel ↑
Grand Smash HP potion
Mach Straight Punch Back attack ↑
Bullet Punch AOE
Nia Jackal Claw Cancel ↑
Comet Punch AOE / Launch
Raptor Beat Knockback / Side attack ↑
Deadly Twister AOE / HP potion
Mòrag Armored Fist Break / Cancel attack ↑
Takedown Blowdown
Sneak Hit AOE / HP potion
Peerless Blow Side attack ↑
Zeke Hammer Lariat Topple
Fury Dropkick Blowdown / Back attack ↑
Dynamite Knuckle AOE / HP potion
Skysplitter Cross Chop AOE / Aggro down

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Strong Horn High HP ↑
Power Spike Break / Side attack ↑
Heavy Hitter Aggro down
Feral Spin AOE / Insect ↑
Nia Vulture Peck High HP ↑
Gyro Break AOE / Insect ↑
Raptor Raid Back attack ↑
Discus Glaive AOE / Aggro down
Mòrag Crown Splitter Smash
Spiral Uppercut Back attack ↑
Twin Dragons High HP ↑
Windmill AOE / Aggro down
Zeke Brutal Swing Side attack ↑
Meteor Lance AOE / Back attack ↑
Powerhouse Smash Smash
Supersonic Spin AOE / Aggro down

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Iron Wall Defense
Diving Swing AOE / Aggro up
Power Hammer Front attack ↑
Mighty Beat AOE / Toppled ↑
Nia Rumbling Smash Front attack ↑
Elephant Press AOE / Aggro up
Buckler Slam AOE / Toppled ↑
Hammerhead Knockback
Mòrag Vajra Blow Topple
Battle Top AOE / Aggro up
Mountain Crusher Toppled ↑
Decimator Launched ↑
Zeke Behemoth Uppercut Launch
Detonation Blow Blowdown / Low HP ↑
Impregnable Shield Defense
Brawl Swing AOE / Aggro up

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Wide Slash Side attack ↑
Strong Saucer HP potion
Eightfold Edge Beast ↑
Spin of Bravery AOE
Nia Butterfly Blade Break
Jaguar Slash HP potion
Healing Halo Heal party
Gemini Loop Side attack ↑
Mòrag Halo Strike HP potion
Inferno Wheel Beast ↑
Twin Moonblade AOE
Revolution Flash Heal party
Zeke Rapid Twist Beast ↑
Clear Divide HP potion
Righteous Guillotine AOE / Flying ↑
Shredder Spiral AOE / Back attack ↑

New Game Plus weapons

New weapons and Driver Arts are obtainable upon New Game Plus, after finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0).

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Thunderclap Side attack ↑
Haphazard Throw Cancel attack ↑
Cutting Edge Critical recharge
Rebel's Dagger AOE
Nia Papillon Dance Break / Critical recharge
Cheetah Scratch Cancel attack ↑
Tricksy Loop AOE / Side attack ↑
Lustrous Heal Heal party
Mòrag Photon Slash Cancel attack ↑
Marigold in Bloom Critical recharge
Flowing Shadow AOE
Mastery of Sky Sparks Heal party
Zeke Electroshade Twist Critical recharge
Bewitching Divide Cancel attack ↑
Thunderslam AOE / Flying ↑
Florid Spiral AOE / Back attack ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Revolt Smash Heal party on attack
Rising Crescent Launch
Screw Reaper AOE / Aggro down
Withering Assault HP Potion
Nia Brutal Scythe Topple
Capra Assault HP Potion
Grizzly Smash Heal party on attack
Creeping Slicer AOE / Aggro down
Mòrag Tempest Strike Heal party on attack
Sacred Beast's Blessing HP Potion
Cyclonic Blade Blowdown
Azure Dragon Storm Aggro down / AOE
Zeke Surprise Elbow Topple
Careful Swing Aggro down / AOE
Standing Ovation AOE / Heal party on attack
Bewilder Slash AOE / HP Potion

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Earth Splitter Low HP ↑
Powerquake Break / Side attack ↑
Final Stone HP down
Dust Up AOE / Insects ↑
Nia Condor's Beak Low HP ↑
Sand Break AOE / Insects ↑
Cobra Raid Back attack ↑
Merciless Twister AOE / HP down
Mòrag Blunt Force Smash
Heaven's Valor Back attack ↑
Lunar Salutation Low HP ↑
Twisted Thistle AOE / HP down
Zeke Grudge Blow Side attack ↑
Heaven's Revenge AOE / Back attack ↑
Takedown Smash Smash
Whirlwind of Passion AOE / HP down

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Critical Trigger High HP ↑
Mighty Missile Launched ↑ / Pierce
Grenade Burst AOE / Blowdown
Flamecaster AOE / Front attack ↑
Nia Surprise Shot Front attack ↑
Porcupine Blow Break / Pierce
Mayfly AOE / Launched ↑
Phosphorescent Flare AOE / High HP ↑
Mòrag Cruel Musket Break / Pierce
Thorn Assault AOE / High HP ↑
Rhododendron AOE
Chimera Drop Launched ↑
Zeke Breakthrough Cannon Break / Pierce
Frenzied Fire Front attack ↑
Stark Artillery AOE / Knockback
Crazed Bazooka AOE / Launched ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Opened Fan Front attack ↑
Screw Cutter Aggroed ↑
Cross Edge Beasts ↑
Brave Wing AOE / Aggro up
Nia Swallowtail Break
Scarecrow Aggroed ↑
Vicious Circle AOE / Front attack ↑
Healing Trick Heal party
Mòrag Albatross Cut Aggroed ↑
2,000 Wings Beasts ↑
Black Wing Dance AOE / Front attack ↑
Stoking the Fire Heal party
Zeke Twilight Twist Beasts ↑
Bold Division Aggroed ↑
Gutsy Cutter AOE / Aggro up
Exquisite Spiral AOE / Front attack ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Wild Slugger Blowdown / Front attack ↑
Terror Smash Aggroed ↑
Rock Bullet AOE / Aggro up
Giant Straight Knockback
Nia Lion Claw Front attack ↑
Meteor Punch AOE / Launch
Raging Screw AOE / Aggroed ↑
Buffalo Beat Knockback / Aggro up
Mòrag Armor Breaker Break / Front attack ↑
Bear Twist Blowdown
Devastating Tremor AOE / Aggroed ↑
Earth Mover Aggro up
Zeke Sublime Lariat Topple
Falling Dropkick Blowdown / Front attack ↑
Decisive Knuckle AOE / Aggroed ↑
Sacrificial Chop AOE / Aggro up

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Gale Upper Blowdown / Low HP ↑
Wind Smash Aggroed ↑
Stormstarter AOE / Aggro up
Hurricane Punch Knockback
Nia Sabertooth Slash Low HP ↑
Updraft AOE / Launch
Whirlwind AOE / Aggroed ↑
Universal Beat Knockback / Aggro up
Mòrag Blade of the Abyss Break / Low HP ↑
Blunt Aggression Blowdown
Galeforce Blow AOE / Aggroed ↑
No Love Lost Aggro up
Zeke Menacing Lariat Topple
Hurricane Dropkick Blowdown / Low HP ↑
Shuddering Tonfa AOE / Aggroed ↑
Wind Dragon Chop AOE / Aggro up

Downloadable Content

The following weapons and Driver Arts are only available via the Expansion Pass.

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Monado Shield Defense
Monado Storm AOE / Aggro Down
Monado Burst Back attack ↑
Monado Beat AOE / Toppled ↑
Nia Lightning Smash Machines ↑
Monado Striker AOE / Aggro Down
Lucent Glance AOE / Toppled ↑
Beam Thrust Back attack ↑ / Knockback
Mòrag Sudden Smite Machines ↑
Blade Masquerade AOE / Aggro Down
Echo Edge Toppled ↑
Steel Brand Topple
Zeke Monado Shield Defense
Helios Circle AOE / Aggro Down
Ragnarok Slash Launch
Nemesis Beat Machines ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Wind Slicer High HP ↑
Skyward Edge HP Potion
Infinity Wing Cancel attack ↑
Screw Edge AOE / Critical Recharge
Nia Air Slash Break / High HP ↑
Avian Spin HP Potion
Whirling Edge AOE / Critical Recharge
Soothing Breeze Recover HP
Mòrag Universe Flicker AOE / Critical Recharge
Phoenix Dance Cancel attack ↑
Draconic Lunge HP Potion
Moongale Waltz Recover HP
Zeke Tempest Twist Cancel attack ↑
Typhoon Spin AOE/ High HP ↑
Windmill Cutter AOE / Critical Recharge
Flareflash Divide HP Potion

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Flash Uppercut Front attack ↑
Night Breaker AOE / Aggro up
Starfall Aggroed ↑/ Smash
Victory Slash Evasion
Nia Regal Hunter Front attack ↑
Tiger Tail Evasion / Smash
Dragon Fang Aggroed ↑
Dazzling Rush AOE / Aggro up
Mòrag Lightsplitter Front attack ↑/ Smash
New Moon Evasion
Sirius Aggroed ↑
Binary Star Aggro up
Zeke Galactic Strike AOE / Evasion / Smash
Dark Matter Assault Front attack ↑
Dynasty Sweep AOE / Aggro up
Sovereign Approach AOE / Aggroed ↑

Driver Arts Effect
Rex Dark Edge Back attack ↑
Trickshot Cancel attack ↑
Mystic Slice Side attack ↑
Shadow Twist AOE / Evasion
Nia Panther Edge Break / Evasion
Sword Slap Cancel attack ↑
Bat Tango AOE / Back attack ↑
Soothing Twilight Heal party
Mòrag Phantom Pivot Cancel attack ↑
Gloomwheel Evasion
Fogcutter AOE / Back attack ↑
Nightfire Heal party
Zeke Calamity Feint Back attack ↑
Astonishing Slash Cancel attack ↑
Supremacy Spin Side attack ↑
Profundity Grace AOE / Evasion

Blade Arts

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Blade Arts (Nintendo Switch)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Blade Arts (Nintendo Switch)

Various Blade Arts in battle

Blades have their own Arts which they use in battle to support their Drivers, granting effects such as increased accuracy or damage reduction. Every time a Blade Art's trigger condition is met, there is a chance that the Art will be activated. After a Blade Art is activated, the Blade cannot activate it again until after a recharge time has passed. Blades will also announce their usage of a Blade Art by stating a line corresponding to whatever Blade Art they are using.

List of Blade Arts

Blade Art Effect Trigger condition Probability Recharge Quote
Absorb Damage Erects a barrier that absorbs fixed dmg Driver suffered damage 50% 30 sec "Armor veil!"
Accuracy Up Increases accuracy Driver's Art or auto-attack missed 75% 20 sec "Eagle eye!"
Arts Plus Boosts power of next Driver Art Driver finishes recharging a Driver Art 50% 25 sec "Rushdown!"
Back Attack Up Increases backstab damage; halves aggro Regular intervals 75% 20 sec "Blind spot!"
Critical Up Increases critical hit rate The Driver's auto-attack hit but was not Critical 75% 20 sec "Focus!"
Debuff Cancel Cancels debuffs from enemies Debuff took place on Driver 50% 20 sec "Revitalize!"
Draw Aggro Draws aggro from enemies in battle Enemy is targeting another Driver 75% 20 sec
Nullify Reaction Nullifies one reaction Driver received a Driver Combo or reaction 75% 30 sec "Ether anchor!"
Recharge Boost Boosts Arts recharge from auto-attack Used a Driver Art 50% 30 sec "Quicken arts!"

List of Blades with each Blade Art

The following table lists the Rare and Legendary Blades who have each Blade Art. Blade Arts are assigned randomly for Common Blades.

Blade Art Blade
Absorb Damage Brighid, Electra, Gorg, Newt, Poppi QTπ, Vess, Akhos, Nia
Accuracy Up Adenine, Aegaeon, Agate, Azami, Boreas, Dahlia, Dromarch, Nim, Perun, Poppi α, Poppi QTπ, Praxis, Pyra, Theory, Perdido, Corvin, Shulk
Arts Plus Azami, Dagas, Dahlia, Godfrey, Herald, Kasandra, KOS-MOS, Pandoria, Poppi QTπ, Pyra, Roc, Sheba, T-elos, Vale, Wulfric, Zenobia, Cressidus, Mikhail, Patroka, Crossette, Elma, Fiora
Back Attack Up Floren, Kora, Nim, Roc, Sheba, Vale, Shulk
Critical Up Agate, Dagas, Herald, KOS-MOS, Mythra, Perceval, Praxis, Sheba, T-elos, Vale, Wulfric, Zenobia, Patroka, Perdido, Sever, Crossette, Elma, Fiora
Debuff Cancel Adenine, Dromarch, Finch, Floren, Perun, Ursula, Akhos, Mikhail, Nia, Corvin, Shulk
Draw Aggro Brighid, Electra, Finch, Godfrey, Kasandra, Newt, Poppi α, Poppi QT, Cressidus, Poppibuster
Recharge Boost Boreas, KOS-MOS, Mythra, Pandoria, Poppi QT, Zenobia, Obrona, Sever, Corvin, ElmaFiora, Poppibuster
Nullify Reaction Aegaeon, Finch, Gorg, Newt, Perun, Theory, Mikhail, Poppibuster

Torna ~ The Golden Country

Battle Arts undergo significant change in Torna ~ The Golden Country. Each Driver and Blade has access to eight different Arts, not including Specials.

Vanguard Arts

Vanguard Arts are equivalent to Driver Arts in the main game. They are restricted by a cooldown gauge that fills with Auto-Attacks, and using one fills up part of the Special gauge. They can only be used by characters in the lead position. Unlike the main game, each character has access to only three Vanguard Arts and thus cannot deactivate or substitute Arts.

Rear Guard Arts

Rear Guard Arts are equivalent to Blade Arts in the main game. They can only be used by characters when they are in the supporting position. As such, the player cannot directly control when they are used. They also have a recharge gauge that is filled by auto-attacking. Each character has access to three Rear Guard Arts.

Talent Arts

Talent Arts are unique to Torna ~ The Golden Country. They have minimal recharge and can be used indefinitely, provided a certain requirement is met. They can only be characters in the lead position. Each character has one Talent Art.

Switch Arts

Switch Arts are also unique to Torna ~ The Golden Country. They are used automatically when a character switches from the supporting position to the lead position. The Switch Art can be used to advance a Driver Combo. As such, their usage is restricted by the cooldown on switching characters. Each character has one Switch Art.

Arts by Character

As each playable character uses a unique weapon, their arts are entirely unique.

Character Art Effect
Lora Path of Thorns Cancel attack ↑
Spinning Wheel AOE / Aggro down
Hungry Snake Break / HP Potion
Jin Chillstroke Back attack ↑
Snowblast AOE / Side attack ↑
Starslash Pierce
Haze Mighty Gust Knockback
Swift Gale AOE / Heal on attack
Wind of Healing Heal party
Addam Rising Arc Launch
Legion Scatter AOE / Blowdown
Ogre Smash Front attack ↑
Mythra Ray of Punishment AOE / Toppled ↑
Lightning Buster AOE / Critical boost
Photon Edge AOE
Minoth Gancho Cancel attack ↑
Huracán HP down / Evasion
Castigo High HP ↑
Hugo Shield Bash Topple
Guard Shift Defense
Round Cutter AOE / Aggro up
Brighid Heat Haze AOE / Aggro up
Will-o'-the-Wisp Launched ↑
Swirling Dragon Low HP ↑
Aegaeon Water Moon AOE / Aggro up
Breaking Wave Evasion
Midnight Mist Aggroed ↑

Character Art Effect
Lora Touch-Me-Not Launch
Jin Thin Ice Topple
Haze Stormy Skies Smash
Addam Illustrious Slash Topple
Mythra Blinding Flash Smash
Minoth Sierpe Break
Hugo Sword Strike Smash
Brighid Leaping Blaze Break
Aegaeon Rushing Tide Launch

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