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Befalgar Pedestal (Japanese: ベファルガの台座, Befaruga no daiza) is a Secret Area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in the upper region of Valak Mountain. In the Alcamoth quest Believing Again, the party is required to collect the Morning Dew Ice, which can be found here at dawn, or 5:00. The area also must be explored for the Valak Mountain quest Valak Mountain Research .


The area is a simple slab of stone with no additional markers. Its origin and purpose are unknown, although by its name and design it is likely linked to the Giants.


In order to reach this area, from the beginning of Valak Mountain, take one of the upper roads and head west at the first chance. The direct road to the pedestal is blocked by a sheet of ice, so the party will have to circumvent the mountain in a counter-clockwise manner. Once they reach the western face of the mountain, a tunnel can be seen that cuts a path through the mountain to the pedestal.


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