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Beneath the Aurora is a DLC Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is part of the New Quests Pack 2 of the Expansion Pass. It can be received from Len at Rigitte Harbor in Leftheria after starting Chapter 6.


  1. "Get a Posystone from Pippito's Haunt, Tantal."
  2. "Give the Posystone to Len at Rigitte Harbor, Leftheria."
  3. "Go to Baldotas Isle in Leftheria to check out the area."
  4. "Go to Godsford Isle in Leftheria to check out the area."
  5. "Take out all the enemies that are in the way of the proposal on Godsford Isle in Leftheria."
  6. "Speak with Len at Godsford Isle in Leftheria."


"Thanks to the efforts of Rex and his companions, Len's proposal went off without a hitch. (DLC Quest)"


The party choices do change dialog and cutscenes that can be viewed.

Unlock Item

As with all DLC quests, this quest will only be available if the corresponding Key Item has been received via the Expansion Pass menu.

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