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Bind is a debuff in Xenoblade Chronicles. It prevents the afflicted from moving, but the victim can still attack or use arts if they are in range of their target(s). Unlike Topple, Daze and Sleep, Bind can not be removed by help from party members. This can be a hindrance to any position-dependent tactics for Shulk, Riki, or Fiora. It can even leave characters completely unable to aid in battle if they are separated without any long range arts when Bind is inflicted on them. To prevent this, Bind Resist gems or Debuff Resist gems can be equipped.

Bind can be inflicted on enemies either via gems or arts such as Melia's Shadow Stitch art or Riki's Roly-Poly art. They can then be safely attacked by using long distance attacks, such as Melia's Elemental Discharge and Sharla's rifle attacks.



  • Roly-Poly (Riki) — Inflicts Bind on a single target if it fails to inflict Topple.
  • Shadow Stitch (Melia) — Inflicts Bind on enemies within a large radius around Melia.




Sorted by arts.

Antibody Assault

Big Body Press

Binding Noise

Binding Ray

Binding Screech

Binding Voice

Binding Web

Blizzard Breath

Bolt Shock

Brilliant Light

Burst Animus

Channel (Talent)



Crazier Dance VIII

Dead Bind

Devour Preparation

Ether Shot

Flame Breath

Foot Trap

Guilty Bomb III

Insane Screech

Light of Demise

Medyu Ray

Monado Shooter IX

Numbing Scales

Rex Roar



Super Nova VII

Super Numbing Scales

Wild Crash

Wind Whip

Spike (No Specific Art)