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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Bionis' Interior (巨神胎内, Kyoshin Tainai) is one of many areas featured in Xenoblade Chronicles. One can enter the Bionis' Interior from both Makna Forest and Satorl Marsh, eventually emerging at the other. At the end of the game, Bionis' Interior becomes accessible in its entirety and becomes filled with enemies and collectables.


First visit

After defeating the Satorl Guardian and leaving Satorl Marsh, Shulk and friends enter the Bionis' Interior - literally inside Bionis itself. While here, Shulk mentions that Bionis still feels alive somehow.

This area is (initially) incredibly small compared to other areas and has almost no other living beings, except a single Nopon.


After the Mechonis Core events, the group returns to the Bionis' Interior, now much more alive, through a wound caused by Mechonis' hand. They access the Interior Landing Site by flying in Junks. Junks remains in place at that landmark, and its icon appears on the map.

They meet Lorithia who has Kallian. She walks into the Bionis' Heart which is where they head off to. When the group reaches the heart, Lorithia brings Kallian in his Telethia form and says that he is under her command. She then kisses him to anger Melia. Lorithia then combines with Kallian and fights the group. After Lorithia is defeated and Kallian gives his parting words, a dark teleporter to Prison Island appears.

Landmarks and Locations



Map of the Bionis' Interior

Lower Level Landmarks

Upper Level Landmarks


Lower Level Locations


  1. E side of First Lung [Water]
  2. N side of Second Lung [Electric]
  3. Platform E of Second Lung, reachable from path S of deposit [Fire]
  4. S of Terminal Nerve Tower [Ice]
  5. E of Pars Sympathica Tower [Wind]
  6. Terminal Vein [Earth]


Normal Minor Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters




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