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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Blade Specials are battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. They are devastating attacks performed by Blades with four levels of intensity depending on the time of use. Using Driver Arts fills the Blade Special gauge. Once available, a Special can be activated and the Driver will return the weapon to its Blade owner enabling the Blade to deliver a devastating attack.

Building up Specials

Specials are recharged by using Driver Arts, especially if canceled. Additionally, some Pouch items, particularly Instruments, slowly recharge Specials.

Stage IV Specials

They can only be performed by the player-controlled character, and only at maximum (golden) Affinity. Unlike other stages, it charges over time, but only while auto-attacking or moving. It resets back to III if the user switches Blades, loses max Affinity, or moves out of range of the Affinity Link.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Specials (Nintendo Switch)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Specials (Nintendo Switch)

Blade Specials mechanism in battle

Special Blades

Blade Level Name Description
Pyra I Flame Nova Absorb ether from the air and transform it into fighting spirit.
II Prominence Revolt Pillars of fire erupt from beneath all enemies.
III Blazing End Concentrate attack on a single enemy, incinerating them.
IV Burning Sword Cleave the enemy with a giant sword of flame that detonates on impact.
Mythra I Ray of Punishment Fire concentrated arrows of light at an enemy.
II Photon Edge Move at light-speed to cut the enemy instantaneously.
III Lightning Buster Slice an enemy multiple times with a blade of light.
IV Sacred Arrow Rain down arrows of light from above to tear the enemy apart.
Dromarch I Raging Tiger Slash repeatedly by unleashing your inner beast.
II Aqua Wave Attack enemies and heal allies with a wave of ether.
III Wild Roar Shoot forward all ether collected by the rings.
IV Dark Maelstrom Follow up Wild Roar with an overwhelming assault.
Poppi α I Poppi Spinning Slash A close-ranged shield spin that does multiple hits on a single enemy.
II Noponic Storm A funnel of wind that pushes the target.
III Poppi Drill Charge with jet propulsion like a spinning drill.
IV Jet Biter Attack with the Big Mecha Biter (once charged).
Poppi QT I Poppi Missile Launch a large missile and audaciously bomb the enemy.
II Poppi Crushing Blow Pulverize the enemy with a spinning punch then an explosive uppercut.
III Noponic Destruction Launch countless missiles while in the air to mow down your enemies.
IV Quixotic Megaburst Fire off numerous destructive missiles (once charged).
Poppi QTπ I Poppi Ignition Shoot repeated slashing attacks while maneuvering freely.
II Noponic Axion Mop up the enemy with a laser blast in bombardment mode.
III Poppi Unlimited Overwhelm the enemy with unlimited repeat attacks.
IV Quantum Judgment Dice the enemy and unleash 100% power in mid-air.
Roc I Death Wing Combine the Dual Scythes and throw them at the enemy.
II Crushing Twister Take the enemy by surprise with acrobatic movements.
III Feather Typhoon Create a giant vortex to suck up the enemy in one go.
IV Crimson Storm Roc follows up Driver attack with an assault from the air.
Brighid I Heat Haze Spin your weapon round and incinerate enemies within range.
II Will-o'-the-Wisp Blue flames follow the enemy and deal damage.
III Swirling Dragon Swing round your weapon and focus the attack on a single enemy.
IV Azure III: Soulfire Engulf the enemy in countless blue flames, reducing them to ashes.
Pandoria I Lightning Force Catch a lightning strike with your wand and throw it out to attack enemies.
II Electric Circus Manipulate an electrified weapon with your wand and attack the enemy.
III Thunder Doom Smash your weapon into the ground for a massive lightning explosion.
IV Sonic Thunderslash Power up Driver to strike the enemy at ultra high speed.
Aegaeon I Water Moon Gather ether in the Chroma Katana and release it as you draw the blade.
II Breaking Wave Use a flying kick to dissolve the enemy's composure then tear them up.
III Midnight Mist Perform a series of quick draw slashes the moment you engage the enemy.
IV Sea God's Tidal Wave Sharpen senses and unleash a series of fierce strikes.
Nia I Last Hope Drain enemies' life force, and distribute it to allies.
II Merciful Heart Attack enemies with a water shock wave.
III Redeeming Strike Destroy enemies from within by manipulating the power of regeneration.
IV Divine Sword Invert the power of regeneration to erode the enemy from within.
Pneuma I Starburst Blast a merciless siren beam through enemies.
II Radiant Flare Attack hostiles with a light-speed attack.
III Genesis Saber Pierce enemies with countless light blades created by ether.
IV Infinity Blade Unleash energy and sever the enemy with a sword of light.

Rare Blades

Blade Level Name Description
Adenine I Harness the Wind Compress wind ether and blow away the enemy.
II Slipstream Create a vacuum with high-speed chops and kicks.
III Mortal Storm Hit the enemy with a series of compressed air kicks.
IV Literacy Beatdown As the enemy recoils from a series of attacks, fire a blast of compressed air.
Agate I Heliodor Passion The thrown weapon spins and cuts up the enemy.
II Star Beryl Courage Swing the weapon down with all your strength as if digging.
III Rhodochrosite Might Attack the enemy by smashing up a crystal.
IV Invincible Moldavite Launch an attack while spinning the weapon around.
Azami I Nightmare Rondeau Throw your weapon spinning into the air so it shoots out lasers.
II Shadow Rhapsody Ether becomes a dark hand that rises out of the ground to attack the enemy.
III Decadent Finale Throw your weapon into the air and spray bullets to annihilate the enemy.
IV Evil Ensemble Fire bullets continuously at the enemy while dancing in a circle.
Boreas I Open Wide! Cover your whole body with wind ether and charge.
II Snack On This! Chew a Bitball and shoot out balls of energy.
III Gobble 'em Up! Shoot out a laser while in the air and eradicate your enemies.
IV Gobble Gobble! Jump after a spinning attack to fire a hail of bullets.
Corvin I Fuga Daemonum Slash foes in the surrounding area with blades made of light.
II Lacerna Noctis Lead with a mighty cleaving blow, then follow-up with a cape swipe.
III Ex Tenebris Lux A dual-sword combo assault using the power of Durandal.
IV Evello Mortem Tyrannis Let loose with a series of slashes, followed with a strike from mid-air.
Crossette I Go! Great Star! Cram the Bitball full of ether, then spin it and make it blow up.
II Go! Shooting Star! Set off a series of ether explosions, capped with one last big one.
III Go! Lucky Star! Set up the Bitball, then spike it for a truly giant boom.
IV Go! Miracle Star! Barrage the enemy with a series of ether explosions sent forward.
Dagas I Flame Crown Calmly draw near the enemy and perform intense slashing attacks.
II Tyrant Crush Pursue a downed enemy with a kick and perform spinning slashes.
III Kaiser Flare Spread maximum ether and incinerate everything.
IV Blazing Conquest Slowly build up energy to burn the enemy to a crisp.
Dahlia I Crystal Blizzard Lift foot up high and throw the ball as hard as possible.
II Snowblind Kiss and attack with a ball filled with ether.
III Frost Queen Charge up a Bitball on an ice stage, then attack.
IV Silver-Snow Glory Fire icy crystals from the ball as it moves around Dahlia.
Electra I Bang-Bang Bound Hit the ground while cheerfully jumping and bounding.
II Shocking Assault Charge forward after charging up electric ether.
III Rolling Thunder Create thunder clouds and attack enemies in range with lightning strikes.
IV Electrifying Show Electra hits her weapon like a drum to trigger a shockwave.
Elma I Sliding Slinger Slide forward while concentrating fire on the enemy.
II Hundred Shells Swing your swords downward to send shockwaves flying at your foes.
III Violent Streak Blast all enemies in the vicinity with an unstoppable barrage of fire.
IV Full Metal Jaguar Lead with a burst of gunfire, then jump in the air and slam your swords down.
Finch I Blast of Fresh Air Swing the hammer and hit ether balls.
II Whoopsie Crazy Attack enemies within range while jumping and spinning your weapon.
III Wake-Up Whirl After jumping up in the sky, crash into the ground at high speed.
IV Perfect Storm During a spinning attack ...slip and let go of the hammer.
Fiora I Hidden Thorn Quickly close in on the enemy and dice them into submission
II Power Smash Charge up power, then unleash it in a series of airborne spinning attacks.
III Lacerate Deliver a rising attack, followed up with a strong downward blow.
IV Butterfly Step Overwhelm the enemy with a flurry of high-speed blows.
Floren I Lavender Drive Kick a Bitball three times while spinning.
II Lilium Dance Release a shockwave while spinning a Bitball.
III Physalis Judgment Massively enlarge a Bitball and roll it over the enemy.
IV Lethal Lavender Spin along with the Bitball to send out a shockwave in all directions.
Godfrey I Tough Break Attack by grasping your shield and thrusting forward with all your might.
II Cold Judgment Create a shock wave and ice pillar to overwhelm the enemy.
III Justice Blizzard Release all power and cause a massive ice explosion.
IV Whiteout Attack repeatedly and slam your weapon to create a shock wave.
Gorg I Innocent Teardrop Condense water ether and attack all enemies over a wide range.
II Bittersweet Dreams Attack by shooting out water ether from your spinning weapon.
III Leave Me Alone After high-speed spinning slashes, launch a giant water pillar.
IV Rock My World Use the momentum of a spinning cut to jump and fire a shockwave.
Herald I Empyrean Salvo Launch homing missiles from your weapon and tail.
II The Heavens Open Release maximum electric ether and cause a huge explosion.
III Final Retribution Remove limiter and charge the enemy, exterminating them.
IV Heaven on Earth Fire a super-strong laser to annihilate the enemy.
Kasandra I Sentimental Burst Condense dark ether until it explodes.
II Hidden Emotion Hit the shield while in the air, and emit a large amount of healing.
III Secret Desire Enter unconscious state with the mask and draw out your true power.
IV Melancholic Break Offer prayers to your shield, then release a large number of bandages.
Kora I Electric Pompom Do lively jumps and smash your weapon into the ground.
II Vivid Love Give heart-shaped electric ether to your enemies as a present.
III Angelic Drop Release a powerful flying kick while spinning your weapon.
IV Sweet Emotion Break the enemy's block, then throw a full-strength lightning punch.
KOS-MOS I R-Blade Put your enemies into a hornet's nest by spraying out bullets.
II H-Effect R Develop the Hilbert Effect and change the course of battle.
III F-G-Shot After charging energy, shoot out scattered laser beams.
IV X-Buster Fire a concentrated laser beam, but only when energy reserves are full.
Newt I Flaming Slashwave Change ether into flaming slashes that shoot out ahead.
II Immolating Cleave Wrap the Chroma Katana in flames and cut enemies ahead in two.
III Extreme Gutsy Spirit After dealing a series of violent punches, cut enemies in two.
IV Going Ballistic Attack with a series of cuts, then an explosion with ether from the scabbard.
Nim I Fierce Healer Shoot out your own ether as a shockwave.
II Wild Grappler Rush in wielding a weapon of concentrated ether.
III Organic Automata Kit and Sunny emit a laser beam.
IV Earth Priestess After a series of attacks, hit the enemy with a high power laser shot.
Perceval I Dark Serpent Attack by spraying out dark ether.
II Blade Vortex At the moment of movement, perform quick draw cuts at visible speed.
III Grim Moon Adopt a quick draw pose, then in an instant slash all enemies in range.
IV Demon Quadrant Mow down the enemy in three strikes, then finish with an almighty slice.
Poppibuster I Buster Cyclone Transform your weapon into a knuckle claws and barrel into the enemy.
II Buster Cannon Transform your weapon into a cannon and unload it into the enemy.
III Buster Mirage Unleash the combined power of Poppi Mk. II and Poppibuster on the enemy.
IV Buster Impact Initiate Poppbuster self-destruct mode.
Perun I Cold Sever Use ice ether to attack with a series of high-speed stabs.
II Punishment Strike Swing your weapon round above your head to create a giant block of ice.
III Extinction Icicle Create a giant ice lance and use it in an extra powerful charge.
IV Snowflake of Judgment After a series of trifling cuts, unleash a giant pillar of ice.
Praxis I Foam Blast Transform ether into bubble foam and spray it forward.
II Geyser Spring Gather ether on your weapon and shoot it out as a powerful current of water.
III Fierce Deluge Use water ether to attack with high-speed repeated thrusts.
IV Torrential Pain Launch a continuous, hard-to-dodge attack at high speeds.
Sheba I Dessert Bomb Explode a giant ball of water ether in mid-air.
II Tea Leaves An unprecedented bathtub-based charging assault.
III Golden Font Fly up in the bath and attack indiscriminately.
IV Royal Tea Party Sheba sits in her bathtub to attack in tandem with her watery lover.
Shulk I Monado Purge Brandish the Monado to generate a mid-air shock wave.
II Monado Cyclone Perform a rising spin to damage enemies surrounding you.
III Monado Buster A powerful slash using the true power of the Monado.
IV Monado Unbound Unleash the true power of the Monado in a series of strikes.
T-elos I ECHIDNA Deliver a slashing attack, and follow it up with a powerful kick.
II MAGDALENE 16 Deliver a whirling blow followed by a wild volley of shots.
III T-SKYLLA Unleash a midair slash and then unload your firearm at the enemy.
IV U-TENERITAS Detonate a high-energy explosive that damages all enemies in the vacinity.
Theory I Ice Slash After throwing ice knives, attack with slashes.
II Frost Banish Release a powerful somersault kick after three repeat attacks.
III Rebel Sister With one slash, smash an ice pillar and attack enemies over a wide area.
IV Winter's Wake Hurl out continuous ice strikes to freeze the enemy in their tracks.
Ursula I Beary Strong Beary swipes his ice claws and mows down the enemy.
II Beary Helpful Beary attacks the enemy with an ice shockwave.
III Beary-Go-Round Beary spins round and overwhelms all enemies in range.
IV Ursine Phantasm Attack with an uppercut while Beary rushes the enemy.
Vale I Blood Altar Slap the enemy with the side of your weapon, then go on the attack.
II Tainted Palace Seal enemy movements and pierce with the lance as far as possible.
III Accursed Prison Throw your weapon twice, then hit the enemy with a drop attack.
IV Dark Drama Lose control completely and batter the enemy with the lance.
Vess I Healing Bolt Swing your weapon round your head and release shockwave.
II Ball Lightning Throw your weapon about randomly and cause a lightning explosion.
III Thunderstrike Kick a ball and lightning will strike where it bounces.
IV Divine Plasma Attack the enemy with a ball of lightning formed by Vess's weapon.
Wulfric I Brutal Lance Spin weapon erratically and strike.
II Termination Blast Shoot out absorbed energy in a laser blast.
III Hellbound Fly up and perform a drop attack with maximum power.
IV Apocalypse Jab at the enemy repeatedly and fire a laser from the chest.
Zenobia I Diabolik Zephyr Gently raise the axe overhead then bring it down crashing.
II Adamantine Axe Quickly raise the axe overhead and attack quickly.
III Ascension Blade Fly around cutting up the enemy with powerful slash attacks.
IV Twixt Heaven & Hell Strike down on the enemy from on high with a powerful weapon.

New Game Plus Blades

After finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0), the New Game Plus will be available. This will allow to recruit seven new Blades from the Torna organization.

Blade Level Name Description
Akhos I White Wave Release a shockwave from your weapon in Shield mode.
II Sacred Wyrm Shoot in Bow mode while flying back.
III Dark Judgement Cut up the enemy while spinning horizontally in the air with a kama.
IV Hellwind of Ruin Perform a spinning attack in the air, finishing with a bowshot.
Patroka I Swallow's Flight Perform a horizontal sweeping three-pronged attack.
II Great Garland Smash the naginata into the ground to send out a shockwave.
III Dragonfly Slash Release a strong slashing attack with a backward somersault.
IV Illusory Bloom Transform weapon into scimitar and hack the enemy into pieces.
Mikhail I Crow Beat Soar into the air and attack with black wings.
II Crow Feather Deal serious damage simply by twisting your fan.
III Final Crow Compress ether between two fans and shoot it at the enemy.
IV Ultimate Crow Flourish two fans to slice the enemy with an elegant dance.
Obrona I Shred Tear into the enemy at great speed, haphazardly wielding your weapon.
II Skewer Create a short sword from electric ether and skewer the enemy.
III Cruel World Emits a mysterious light from giant eyes on your wings.
IV Lacerator Slash the enemy and emit mystic rays of light from your wings.
Perdido I Diamond Crash Bash the hammer into the ground and set off a shockwave.
II Diamond Flight Release ether in one burst, attacking indiscriminately.
III Diamond Hands Wield four weapons and shower the enemy with blows.
IV Diamond Inferno Annihilate the enemy with attacks from four different weapons.
Cressidus I Dead Ball Throw out a ball of condensed energy from your right hand.
II Berserk March Go on a rampage, bowling over the enemy.
III Earth Breath Hit the ground with ether collected between both fists.
IV Star Crusher Rush down the enemy and slam them with a leaping body press.
Sever I Storm Edge Slash enemies in Tonfa mode and create a whirlwind.
II Engrave Pierce the enemy countless times in Sword mode.
III Death Match Shoot out a whirlwind to collect ether in Shield mode.
IV Deadly Divide Slash the enemy with a giant blade of ether.

Common Blades

The Specials of a Common Blade depend on their model and weapon type.

Blade Level Name Description
Twin Rings, Animal I Ripple Dive Control ether to attack the enemy and heal allies.
II Dual Fang Shoot out lasers from the Rings floating on both sides.
III Screw Edge Attack repeatedly using the ring held in the mouth.
IV Savage Chakram Charge with a ring in your mouth.
Greataxe, Male I Stream Edge Scare the enemy with crescent moon slashes, then pounce.
II Falling Axe Attack by dropping down an ether blade from above.
III Axe Throw Slash up enemies in range while spinning your weapon.
IV Absolute Smash Take a weapon out of the air and bring it down in a series of attacks.
Greataxe, Female I Axe Strike Drop an ether blade from above to attack.
II Megaslash After random slash attacks, perform a powerful spinning slash.
III Flying Cutter Throw your weapon and adjust its path to attack the enemy.
IV Excess Axe Go from a dashing, spinning attack into a jumping, descending attack.
Greataxe, Brute I Axe Break Smash your weapon into the ground and release a shockwave in the area.
II Ground Charge Smash your weapon into the ground and charge into the enemy.
III War Swing Swing your weapon with all your might to attack enemies in range.
IV Megaton Charge Tackle the enemy to throw them off guard, then perform a spinning cut.
Megalance, Male I Round Break Jump up and throw your Megalance down to the side.
II Boomerang Spear Spin your weapon at high speed, dealing countless slash attacks.
III Splash Lance Create countless ether balls to attack the enemy.
IV Immortal Spike Jab the lance outwards in a series of stabbing attacks.
Megalance, Female I Multi-Edge Create countless ether balls to attack the enemy.
II Trident Buster Jump up and throw your Megalance down to the side.
III Spiral Spear Throw your weapon so it spins round, hitting any enemy in range.
IV Imperial Lance Spin the lance over the head to create a flurry of stabbing attacks.
Megalance, Brute I Speed Glaive Use high-speed repeated stabs to destroy the enemy to its core.
II Beam Halberd Fill your weapon with ether and shoot it out as a laser.
III Hair Trigger Pierce the ground with your lance tip to release a shockwave.
IV Colossal Sting Extend the weapon as far as it will go to stab upwards.
Ether Cannon, Male I Sidewinder Launch two missiles at once to attack the enemy.
II Aerial Trigger Jump into the air and fire a shot with an elemental attribute
III Swing Cannon Float your weapon and mow down all enemies within range with a laser.
IV Wisdom Strike Fire the cannon blindly straight down at the ground.
Ether Cannon, Female I Flash Barrel Float your weapon and launch a giant ether ball.
II Blink Bullet Jump up into the air and launch a homing missile.
III Beam Barrage Emit a laser from your overcharged weapon.
IV Dragoon Shot Jump back and fire an ether bullet.
Ether Cannon, Brute I Zero Burst Charge at the enemy, then fire at close range so it's difficult to avoid.
II Spinning Laser Spin while emitting a laser, to mow down the enemy.
III Beam Bomber Emit a laser from your overcharged weapon.
IV Radical Bullet Fire continuous blasts with a high-powered cannon.
Shield Hammer, Male I Hammer Beat Hit the ground with all your might to attack with a shockwave
II Smash Circle Attack by throwing your weapon like a disc.
III Shield Charge Charge in with your shield and perform a follow-on attack.
IV Irresistible Rush Follow up a shield attack with a rush attack with the hammer.
Shield Hammer, Female I Aerial Shield A mid-air weapon drops down at high speed, attacking the enemy.
II Drum Roll Hit the ground with all your might, attacking with a shocking wave
III Hammer Rush After swinging your weapon repeatedly, finish off with a rising attack.
IV Victor Swing Bash the enemy with the shield, then hit them with the hammer.
Shield Hammer, Brute I Ground Impulse Hit the ground with your weapon and cause a shockwave.
II Turn Strike Throw your weapon ahead and by spinning it, attack enemies in range.
III Wheel Crash Throw a hammer so it spins at high speed and hits the enemy.
IV Riot Hammer After a spinning attack, strike the ground with full strength.
Chroma Katana, Male I Excelsior Slash Attack with a shockwave, then follow on with an ether slash attack.
II Triple Edge Slash at the enemy repeatedly, not allowing them chance to defend.
III Multi-Raid Attack with a shockwave and repeated slashes of your blade.
IV Superior Strike Strike out with the scabbard, then perform a series of cutting attacks.
Chroma Katana, Female I Sword Dance A two-stage attack where you slash then attack with a blade sheathed.
II Rage Cutter Heighten concentration and perform a triple slash attack.
III Air Slash Perform a quick draw in the air then release a massive slash attack.
IV Triumphant Front Draw and attack, then follow on with the scabbard, draw and slash again.
Chroma Katana, Brute I Drop Edge Attack with blade sheathed, then draw and slash.
II Counter Spin After throwing the scabbard from your left hand, perform a slash attack.
III Magnum Edge Stomp on the ground, and perform a quick draw cut with all your might.
IV Overcharger Make a cut with the sword, then strike with the scabbard.
Bitball, Male I Sharpnel Attacks with a bitball, absorbing ether which is used to heal you.
II Grenade Throw Throw a condensed ball of ether which explodes.
III Grim Sphere Attack by repeatedly bashing your enemy with the ball.
IV Chaos Slam Pummel the enemy with super-fast Bitball attacks.
Bitball, Female I Flash Bomb Throw a condensed ball of ether which explodes.
II Power Effect Unleash condensed ether above the head to attack.
III Rumble Sphere The ball bashes into the enemy multiple times, damaging them.
IV Asteroid Throw Perform multiple attacks throwing a Bitball designed for maximum damage.
Bitball, Brute I Metal Blast Hit the ball into the ground and cause a massive explosion.
II Wrecking Ball Hit the ball with your fist so it hits the enemy multiple times.
III Violent Swing Swing the ball around, as if on a chain, to hit enemies repeatedly.
IV Colossal Strike Wield the ball with the right arm to land a hit, then throw it at the enemy.
Knuckle Claws, Male I Flying Knuckle Launch your Knuckle Claws like missiles to attack the enemy.
II Assault Rush Charge forward in an instant and overwhelm the enemy with a flurry.
III Executioner Unleash a dive kick and cause an ether explosion.
IV Heracles Break Rush in at high speed with a combination of kicks and punches.
Knuckle Claws, Female I Thermal Payload Knuckle Claws fly out matching your movements.
II Leg Blast Combo move with a single punch followed by a sharp kick.
III Flash Blow Combo attack with a forward somersault followed by a flying kick.
IV Amazing Rush Rush in at high speed with a combination of kicks and punches.
Knuckle Claws, Brute I Bomber Tackle Barge into the enemy then give them a powerful uppercut while dazed.
II Head Shaker Hit the ground with both fists to attack the enemy with a powerful shockwave.
III Knuckle Purge Daze the enemy with a tackle then shoot your weapon.
IV Incredible Beat Attack with a series of hooks, then a powerful uppercut.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country

Blade Specials in Torna ~ The Golden Country work the same as in the main game. However, Drivers can also use their own Specials, with the exception of the level IV one, which depends on their currently assigned Blade.

Addam and Hugo are unable to use level IV Specials until an event later on in the game.


Character Level Name Description
Lora I Wildfire Snap A boisterous flurry of strikes and kicks that really puts the pressure on.
II Ring o' Roses Push ahead with a series of open-palm strikes.
III Spiral Snare Lead with a vicious flying kick, then follow with the battle braid.
Jin I Hailstrike Cut the enemy to ribbons with a series of quick, relentless slashes.
II Zero Blade A combo attack of sword cuts and ice spears delivered at absolute zero.
III Ice Revolution Unbalance your foe with a palm strike, then follow up with powerful slashes.
IV Midnight Sun Follow up Lora's quickfire slashes with a full-force cleave.
Haze I Pebble Storm Scatter wind ether projectiles over a large area to deal damage.
II Cloudburst Deploy numerous whirlwinds out in front of you to lay waste to your foes.
III Celadon Whirlwind Barrage your foe with razor-sharp wind, then blow them away with a tornado.
IV Starlight Strike Batter the enemy with staff blows and air blasts, finishing with a knee strike.
Addam I Sword Blossom Send the enemy flying with a breathless onslaught of cuts.
II Assault Rave Put all your momentum into a single slash to blow the enemy away.
III Soul Burst An unparalleled strike, backed by the user's whole body and soul.
Mythra I Twilight Striker Launch a flurry of light-speed slashes, then finish up with a spinning strike.
II Chroma Dust Charge your sword with ether energy, then blast the enemy from mid-air.
III Terminal Flash A focused attack targeting a single enemy to annihilate them.
IV Hadron Impact Let Addam make the first strikes, then nail the enemy from mid-air.
Minoth I Espada Lead with a series of double-bladed cuts, then barrage the foe with bullets.
II Ciclón Destroy your enemies using cuts and shots delivered while spinning.
III Cruceta Slide into range, guns blazing, then leap in for an all-out attack.
IV Escorpión Rapidly pass weapons back and forth, shooting and slashing in sequence.
Hugo I Shield Rondo Unbalance the enemy with a flurry of strikes, then rush them with full force.
II Imperial Sword Deploy a series of powerful slashes to draw enemy attention on yourself.
III Final Thrust Surge forward to break enemies' stances, then end with a mighty charge.
Brighid I Wheel of Penance Slash at the enemy with flames, cast while revolving relentlessly.
II Twin Serpents A blindingly fast series of cuts, followed by an unstoppable cross-slash.
III Beltane Blade Spin sideways, slashing the enemy, then immolate them with azure flame.
IV Soulfire Lead with a few slashes, then immolate the foe with countless flaming missiles.
Aegaeon I Cascade Smash Slash against the enemy, then follow up with a series of aerial kicks.
II Rolling Tide Forge ahead with sword strikes backed up by waves of water ether energy.
III Hundred-Year Wave Shoot energy waves from your sword, then conclude with an overhead strike.
IV Sea God's Tidal Wave Slice and dice the enemy, then cleave them with one final rapid blow.
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