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For the status in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Blaze (XCX).

Blaze is a Status Effect in Xenoblade Chronicles


Blaze causes the afflicted to take damage around every two seconds as long as it is in effect. The damage inflicted over time is 40% of the damage the art caused. The debuff lasts for 20 seconds, inflicting damage 10 times.

When used by enemies the damage modifier seems to vary between 40% and 50%, depending on the monsters. The duration is the same, 20 seconds. Although further testing is needed to for certainty, the above would make Blaze the most potent damaging debuff that enemies use - although many enemies that inflict blaze do so on attacks that hit multiple times for low damage, which would explain the large multiplier. Equipping Blaze Defence Gems or Debuff Resist Gems, or using Arts that remove debuffs can reduce the damage received.



  • Burninate: One of Riki's arts. Does ether blaze damage in a circle around Riki and inflicts the debuff.
  • Summon Flare: One of Melia's arts. When discharged, it does ether blaze damage in a circle around the target.



Enemies (by Art Name)

Atomic Glow IV

Blazing Breath

Blazing Flare

Boiling Wave

Burning Justice

Corona Burst IV

Corona Eruption V

Demon Purging Fire

Fiery Pain IV

Fireball Rush

Fire Breath

Fire Shot

Flame Throw

Ignis Breath

Mega Flame Throw


Thermal Growth

Thermal Growth II

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