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Bleed is a status effect in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Bleed causes the afflicted to take damage around every two seconds as long as Bleed is in effect. It is typically induced by physical arts. The damage inflicted is 20% of the damage of the art that caused the status, meaning it has the smallest multiplier among the four 'damage over time' debuffs. When induced by the player, it lasts either 10 or 20 seconds, resulting in either 5 or 10 damage 'ticks'.

When used by monsters the damage modifier is the same, but the duration seems to always be 20 seconds. Equipping Bleed Defence Gems or Debuff Resist Gems, or using Arts that remove debuffs can reduce the damage received or prevent it altogether.



  • Bitey Bitey: One of Riki's arts. 10 second duration. If struck from behind the Bleed Status lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Gale Slash: One of Dunban's arts. 10 second duration.
  • Lacerate: One of Fiora's original arts. 10 second duration.
  • Monado Eater: One of Shulk's Monado arts. An ether art that does a cone-shaped area damage. 20 second Bleed duration.



Enemies (by Art Name)

Alchemist V

Anaesthetic Stab

Bazooka (Talent)

Big Scissors

Blood Screw

Blood Shot Arrow I

Bloody Claw

Bloody Head Charge

Bloody Swing


Cut Scratch

Deadly Chainsaw

Double Peck

Fatal Lunge

Horn Stab

Hush Chop V

Imperial Sobat

Killer Dive IV

Legendary Claw VII

Murder Claw

Murder Screw



Scar Claw


Screw Shot


Tail Spike

Volcano Dive VII

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