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SoranPanoko wrote:
It has a ring around earth so no it can't be on the other side.

It's also a very thin ring.

SoranPanoko wrote:

Also the Orbital station is above the USA (sighs in morytha and on the station), where the white whale starts so it would be the same angle (it's also logical that both start at the south of the us because physic) So no chance that Klaus was there. And still: XC2 was Governant vs. rebels while XCX was Federation vs Ghost, they know the names from elma so it wouldn't make sense to call them rebels... Also in XCX the humans have Skells and in XC2 they use strange robots with a halo. So it's deffinitiv not the same conflict, nothing fits together Your theory just doesn't fit to the lore of the games.

As far as the space station is concerned there's little you can say that'll actually sound convincing. You also don't see a lot of things in the opening cutscene of XBX that SHOULD be there like satalites, other planets, the sun and so forth. They can easily just retcon it in later. It's not a very big station from the looks of it either.

As for the second point. Again, you're just making an assumption here that the saviorites are rebelling against the government. We don't know if they're aliens, we don't know if they're humans, we don't know if they're just people who defected to the Samaar federation. In XBX the war had been going on for a very long time before everyone decided to leave earth.

Dolls are also by far from the only potential defence mechanism humans could have. The Sirens make more sense for an automated space station defence. If I remember right some dolls had halos in XBX as well. It's a reocuring them in Xeno-games for things powered by the Zohar.

SoranPanoko wrote:Zanzas motive to recreate the world is that people should remember him (that was said in the XC1 ending). Miira has no mention of a Zanza or any other deity so it would not fit to what zanza wanted to have,

You're the only one proposing Zanza created it.

SoranPanoko wrote:

also it cannot be shulks new world, because "Shulk's world" is not in the universe with the earth (that would be the XC2 world)

[citation needed]

SoranPanoko wrote:

The mention of things like a frontier village is just an easter egg, nothing more. Fans can get a smile but the lore doesn't fit together so both games take place in different universes

I'll repeat: What about the short story where Nopon's directly mention events and characters from the first game? For things that are just "Easter eggs" there sure is a LOT of them.

SoranPanoko wrote: The problem with theories like that is that people like to connect things in their heads, even if there is no connection. XCX is seperate from the other 2 Xenoblades (if not the idea with the samaarians are true, but there is nothing to indicate it, just that humans were send to another dimension in XC2 and the samaarians should be humans from an other dimension in XCX)

Not another dimension. The same dimension. The xeno universe is cyclical. Humans learn to reset it to avoid a great tragedy at the end of the universe to keep life going. The samaarians are the humans from the previous timeline who managed to make it over and use their advance technology to start life over again and try to prevent the tragedy that is inevitably going to happen again.  Zanza and Galea would be the equivalent to them in Xenoblade 1 and 2. Zanza reset the universe for whatever reason, and he and Galea created the world of the Bionis and Mechonis while Klaus was left on the ruins of earth that all the humans had abandoned during the intergalactic war in order to rebuild. Earth being lost was a mainplot point in Xenosaga and it'd make sense for Xenoblade 1 and 2 to explain what happened to it to cause humans to assume it was destroyed.

1st. Other Planets are far away so they wouldnt be more then a little point..., the sun is there, and trash is to small to see it from far away. But yes there should maybe a Spacestation or 2. And the ring is not thin, it's nearly half the size of the station. Like I said, stuff need to start from the equator or close to it (the earth is there faster so it's easier for spacestuff to reach the speed for the orbit) But no Skells doesn't have halos.. We saw Sirens fight against aircraft or jets, nothing that is even close to the federation or the ghost you just try to connect things that aren't connect

That Shulks new world is not the earths universe is pretty clear, XC2 take place on our earth in the future, while XC take place in a different Universe to it. That is what klaus said in XC2 (half of him is in a different Universe and became Zanza) So there can't be a connection

The only thing nopon said where names like Frontier Village, which could also be a old village on mira or something. It's in the game as Fanservice, as a note to the first game, that doesn't mean, that they are the same. If it would be the same and Nopon are a strange conection it would conflict to the entire lore. So no you cannot say that is a connection.

And it was directly said that the samaarians came from another universe. Not from a universe before them, not from timetravel or other stuff, it was said from another Universe. the rest of your idea is pure nonsense. But i would repeat myself... You want to connect things that are so extrem different, that can't be connected...

Maybe you should watch that video
Connecting Xenoblade X and Xenoblade 2 2 Debunks and a Theory-0

Connecting Xenoblade X and Xenoblade 2 2 Debunks and a Theory-0

p.s. That zanza creat mirra was not my idea, that is what the startpost said

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