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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The first boss encountered, the Mechon M82

Bosses are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles. As with most games, they tend to appear at the end of a specific portion of the game, they are related to the story event (directly or not, like Quest ones). Bosses have unique names, they can be a character or a monster, they have high stats and potentially unique skills. The first boss encountered by the party is the Mechon M82 during the Battle of Sword Valley.

The special target window frame of a boss

They have a special frame when looking at them. The battle arena is usually fenced by a green field barrier if the arena is not physically bounded. A rearrangement of the playable team can often be proposed in the beginning of the battle. Once a boss is defeated, the end of the battle is usually followed by a cutscene. No chest is dropped except the Demon Pavlovsk dropping a silver chest. Bosses can sometimes carry items but they are impossible to steal through Riki's Yoink! because these enemies displays 100% resistance to item stealing.

Bosses can be sometimes accompanied by a few Story Exclusive enemies or can summon them. There are twenty-seven bosses, and forty boss battle events plus one side battle event against the Mysterious Telethia. Boss battles are initiated while progressing normally through the story, except the four Story Quest battles, Dragon King Alcar, Master Obart, Satorl Guardian, Skyray, and the Surprise Quest one, the Mysterious Telethia.

It should be noted that Unique Monsters are not bosses. Because the five Superbosses are Unique Monsters, they are not actual bosses, but are still the strongest enemies in the game.

List of bosses

Name Enemy Type
Ancient Machine (left) Monster
Ancient Machine (right) Monster
Apocrypha Generator Monster
Arachno Queen Monster
Demon Pavlovsk Monster
Dickson / Disciple Dickson Antagonist
Dragon King Alcar Monster
Egil / Gold Face / Yaldabaoth Antagonist
Gadolt / Jade Face Antagonist
Leone Telethia Monster
Lorithia / Disciple Lorithia Antagonist
Master Obart Monster
Mechon M71 Monster
Mechon M82 Monster
Mumkhar / Metal Face Antagonist
Mysterious Telethia (Yumea transformation) Monster (Antagonist)
Obelis Obart Monster
Orluga Rufus Monster
Puera Telethia Monster
Sani Telethia Monster
Satorl Guardian Monster
Skyray Monster
Solidum Telethia Monster
Sureny Telethia Monster
Tyrea Antagonist
Xord / Mysterious Face Antagonist
Zanza Antagonist

List of boss battle events

Name Level Area Location Battle Special
Mechon M82 28 Sword Valley Battle of Sword Valley 01 Prologue
Ancient Machines
left one
right one

Colony 9 Cylinder Hangar 02
Physical strength based
Ether power based
Metal Face 10 Colony 9 Residential District 03
Metal Face 10 Colony 9 Residential District 04
Arachno Queen 12 Tephra Cave Arachno Queen's Nest 05 Assisted by 5 Arachno Pods, 10 Soldier Arachnos and 1 Captain Arachno
Mechon M71 18 Bionis' Leg Spiral Valley 06 Assisted by 3 Mechon Tentacles
Mechon M71 18 Bionis' Leg Spiral Valley 07
Mysterious Face 25 Bionis' Leg Spiral Valley 08
Xord 25 Ether Mine Central Pit - Base Level 09 Randomly assisted by:
waves of 2 Mechon M55;
or 2 Mechon M67;
or 2 Mechon M55 and 1 Mechon M67;
or 1 Mechon M55 and 2 Mechon M67
Xord 25 Ether Mine Freight Elevator 10
Satorl Guardian 28 Satorl Marsh Sororal Statues 11 The Ancient Ceremony Story Quest
Puera Telethia 28 Makna Forest Lakeside 12 Group of three kindred Bosses
Leone Telethia 36 Makna Forest Decayed Forest 13
Leone Telethia 36 Makna Forest Decayed Forest 14
Orluga Rufus 36 High Entia Tomb Valley of Emperors 15
Solidum Telethia
High Entia Tomb Ceremony Hall 16 Both
Skyray 40 Eryth Sea Central Seal Island 17 Path to Prison Island Story Quest
Metal Face 42 Prison Island Prison Terrace 18
Mumkhar 48 Valak Mountain Great Glacier 19
Mumkhar 52 Sword Valley Heavy Machine Depot 20 Assisted by 2 Mass-Produced Faces
Gold Face 60 Galahad Fortress Fortress Depths 21 Assisted by Face Nemesis
Jade Face 60 Mechonis Field 1st Zebrai Bulkhead 22 Assisted by 4 M45/VIOLAs,
4 Offensive/SCOUTs,
4 Offensive/HONEYs,
2 Defensive/ONIONs,
and the M66/TRICK
Gadolt 68 Agniratha Shrine Transporter 23
Gadolt 68 Agniratha Shrine Transporter 24 Summons 2 Defensive/SHAMEs
Egil 70 Agniratha Meyneth Shrine 25 Summons in four waves:
2 M87/TAPIRs;
2 M36/ROBINs and 2 M37/COBRAs;
3 M68/TROUTs;
the M97/EAGLE
Yaldabaoth 72 Agniratha Meyneth Shrine 26
Apocrypha Generator 70 Central Factory Apocrypha Generator's room 27
Yaldabaoth 72 Mechonis Core Mechonis Core 28 Summons in two waves:
2 Offensive/MOTORs;
2 Exterminator/CLOCKs
Summons once three Energy Devices
Zanza ? Mechonis Core Mechonis Core 29
Sureny Telethia 70 Junks Junks Deck 30
Sureny Telethia 70 Colony 6 Main Entrance 31
Sani Telethia 72 Colony 6 Main Entrance 32
Disciple Lorithia 75 Bionis' Interior Heart Entrance 33 Summons Primo Novas, Secondo Novas, Quarto Novas and Quinto Novas
Obelis Obart 75 Prison Island Arena 34
Demon Pavlovsk 78 Prison Island Battle Arena 35
Master Obart 78 Prison Island Arena 36 Chase Dickson Story Quest
Dragon King Alcar 79 Prison Island Corridor of Silence 37 Path to the Top Story Quest
Disciple Dickson 80 Prison Island Prison Terrace 38
Disciple Dickson 80 Prison Island Prison Terrace 39
Zanza (first form) ? Memory Space Sentient Genesis 40 Summons 2 Zanza Guardians
Zanza (second form) ? Memory Space Sentient Genesis 40 Summons 2 Zanza Guardians
Zanza (third form) ? Memory Space Sentient Genesis 40 Summons 2 Zanza Guardians
Mysterious Telethia 80 Makna Forest Lakeside Side Melancholy Tyrea Surprise Quest


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