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The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

– Bozé

Bozé Lowes (Japanese: ボゼ・ロウズ, Boze Rōzu; English dub: /ˈboʊˈzeɪ ˈloʊz/) is a recruitable character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a Harrier instructor of the private military organization BLADE.


Bozé is a human who is bald, and has black eyes. He has a strange marking on his forehead, possibly a tattoo, and multiple scars. Four or five of these scars are on the left side of his face, near his eye, while there are two more on the right side of his chin, and one on the upper right side of his head.


Bozé is deeply interested in certain facets of eastern Earth culture, and bases his actions on their teachings. He will often give others his wisdom as he considers himself to be a "sensei." Sometimes he is given more wisdom by Cross. Due to the Ganglion killing many of his students, he has a great distrust of alien races.



Bozé can be found near West Melville Street in the Commercial District, where he can be recruited.


Bozé can be recruited after the completion of The Mad Monk.

In battle

Bozé's Class is Partisan Eagle. When he is first recruited, he is level 20 and rank 3. He wields a Javelin and a Sniper Rifle. His two Signature Arts are Vortex (Javelin) and Slayonet (Sniper Rifle). He pilots a Dozer Skell. He has three skill slots. His class progression is as follows:

Class Rank Arts Skills
1 Spiral Horn
2 Arcing Horn
3 Eagle Eye
4 Raijin
5 Vortex
6 First Down
7 Overwhelm Master Edge
8 Hair Trigger
9 Sidewinder Killshot
10 Ghost Sniper
11 Slayonet Electric Guard
12 Hawkeye
13 Speed Demon Electric Boost
14 Intercept Knock 'n' Shock
15 Trident Buster Quick Reload
16 Conductive Strike
17 TP Overdrive


The following heart-to-hearts between Bozé and Cross are:

Affinity Name Location When Reqs
Preacher Man West Melville St. Morning
♥♥ Garbled Guardians Ishmael Hills Evening Dog
♥♥♥ Mastering Self Behind Outfitters Test Hangar Anytime
♥♥♥♥ Renouncing Self Inside the Cathedral's bell tower Morning
♥♥♥♥♥ Worldly Desire Ishmael Hills Anytime


Bozé's Ignorance Bozé's Way The Mad Monk
Bozé's Ignorance Bozé's Way

Affinity links


Main story

Main article: Xenoblade Chronicles X (plot)

Bozé makes a short appearance inside his Skell during Chapter 12. Per Elma's command, Team Balmung and he must clear the main team's route to the Lifehold and defend their position once they are inside the Lifehold Core. He is later seen reappearing in the ending credits scene on a computer screen with Doug inside his own Skell.

Personal story

Bozé was a veteran soldier with a service record dating back to Coalition army days. He went on to become a military-academy instructor, and trained many active BLADEs.


  • In the Japanese version, Bozé is one of the characters obtainable through DLC.
  • Bozé is the only recruitable character besides Lao who can wield a sniper rifle.


Battle dialogue

Drawing weapon Bozé in lead Bozé in party
Against enemy "By all means impress me." "By all means impress me."
Against a large enemy "Keep your wits about you."

"Lets see what this goliath has got.

"Woah! Hello there."

"By all means impress me."

Against a Tyrant "Nothing motivates me like a real adversary." "Greetings, noteworthy foe!"
In Skell "I say we make this quick." "I say we make this quick."
Status effects
Stagger "I'm staggered!"
Topple "Ugh! I'm down!"
Flinch "What?!"
Knockback "Whoah, is this sumo?"
Launch "[Grunt]"
Stun "They've stopped me cold!"
Sleep "I won't fall asleep..."
Control "Unhand me you puppet master!"
An enemy notices the party "You're just gnats to brush off my shoulder."

"Finally, some real competition."

A large enemy notices the party "Let's see what this Goliath has got."
Very low HP "Is this suppose to hurt?"
Becoming incapacitated "I'm not ready to give up...the ghost."
Reviving an ally "Shame on you, wake up!"
Thanking "Thank you."

"I won't forget this."
"I am in your debt."
"Many thanks."

Accumulating 3000 TP "[Laughter] Ready to go!"
Activating Overdrive (Ground gear) "I'll bring you back in line!"
Activating Overdrive (Skell) "Sit down and learn, Overdrive!"
Overdrive counter hits 50 "Reform or be reformed."
Overdrive counter hits 100 "Namo, say goodbye!"
Entering skell "I shall mount my Skell."
Exiting skell "Flesh is the hardest weapon."
Skell's fuel runs low "Alas, my fuel runs low."
Skell runs out of fuel "I need no skell."
An enemy joins the battle "More foes come to break against me."
Responding to battle commands "Right!"

"Allow me."

Leveling up "See how I scope myself with discipline and discretion?"
Winning a battle "Hmph, rest in peace."

"Predictable. Shall we?"
"Well they were a handful."
"You're getting stronger every day."

Soul Voices

  • "Swift action is rewarded! Strike now!"
  • "OK, let's stir things up. Open fire!"
  • "Things are getting dire! Buff us up!"
  • "Yes! Attack at range!"
  • "Shoot it! It's a big target, so don't miss!"
  • "Let's stack things in our favor with an aura!"
  • "Fire! Finish what I started!"
  • "I toppled them. Finish 'em with gunfire!"
  • "Let's impair them as a little warm-up."
  • "Buff up and let's put THEM in a corner!"
  • "Leave me. Don't stop firing..."
  • "Target destroyed! Now topple them with some gunfire!"
  • "Their guard's down! Attack at range!"
  • "Together! Overdrive!"
  • "I see a weak point! Blast it from range!"
  • "It's not over. Turn this around with a buff!"

Post-battle dialogue

Party member
Male Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Fate dealt us these cards, so we have to play them!"

Bozé - "Yes, in the name of all of our friends who have gone before us to Nirvana."

Male Cross (Joker) Cross - "Everybody okay? Don't make me haul my butt home solo."

Bozé - "Don't expect any casualties on my watch."

Male Cross (Rebel) Cross - "GOD! What is with this planet?"

Bozé - "Doesn't matter because we're going to get the best of it."

Male Cross (Rookie) Cross - "Keep moving! We can reflect on our battles later."

Bozé - "Yes, we have greater goals to achieve."

Male Cross (Studious) Cross - "Well...I apologize for losing my cool just then."

Bozé - "If you never lose your cool, you'll never find your fire."

Male Cross (Classic) Cross - "I know we're fighting for the humanity, but this all feels so futile."

Bozé - "As long as you press on you'll find some kind of purpose."

Male Cross (Warrior) Cross - "Men are like stones, smoothed by the tides of battle."

Bozé - "Indeed. A reward is golden but the path to it divine."

Female Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Another dawn to dusk work day? Sounds like fun to me!"

Bozé - "I maybe older but I can pull my weight."

Female Cross (Joker) Cross - "Meh, I'm BUSHED! Did I do all the work or what?"

Bozé - "Shame on you, shouting nonsense like that."

Female Cross (Independent) Cross - "C'mon, there's no time to lose. We've got a mountain of things to do!"

Bozé - "Point me at the first item on our agenda."

Female Cross (Mature) Cross - "[sigh] These Miran winds are not very compatible with my hair."

Bozé - "Shall I refer you to my stylist?"

Female Cross (Peppy) Cross - "One small step for BLADE, one giant leap for humankind."

Bozé - "Steps like those are a reward in themselves."

Female Cross (Classic) Cross - "Is it over? I haven't even finished rolling up my sleeves."

Bozé - "Perhaps you and I should spar then, hmm?"

Female Cross (Soldier) Cross - "I'm torn; do I master hand-to-hand combat, or focus on ranged attacks?"

Bozé - "[Laughter] A fighter like you will always hunger for more."

Frye Bozé - "I'll tell ya, I am going to enjoy tonight's beer."

Frye - "You got that right, Baldy! I’m going to get you so sauced you’re dancing upside down."

Gwin Gwin - "I've got to do better. I need to keep the lieutenant safe."

Bozé - "Apply yourself and you will get stronger."

H.B. H.B. - "Ready to admit that I’ve got what it takes, Lowes?"

Bozé - "In your dreams, son, you’re not there yet."

Celica Celica - "Rock and I shall create a world free of these conflicts."

Bozé - "Come meditate with me; I will help you achieve a state of perfect selflessness."

L Bozé - "You see L, strength in numbers."

L - "Quite so. We did all the numbers on them didn't we?"

Yelv Bozé - "Shameful Yelv, you need a good teacher."

Yelv - "What, YOU? Thanks, but I think I'd sleep right through one of YOUR lectures."

Adding-to-party dialogue

Instance Greeting Accept Refuse
Default "It's a day full of hope in a world full of hope. What do you need? Shall I grant you my strength?" "Then let us get started. There is much wisdom I have to beat into that thick skull of yours." "Very well. If you need me, I will be here aligning my heart chakra."
Chapter 7 "Rescuing brethren in peril is our first duty as BLADEs, so we should depart for Oblivia immediately. I will tear the Ganglion asunder with my dharmic might, so you must allow me to accompany you! Kaaaatsu!" "We've no time to lose--I'll not sacrifice a single BLADE to those demons!" "Very well. If you need me, I will be here aligning my heart chakra."
Chapter 9 "Your next mission is to search for a section of the Lifehold? I can help you in this, if you would have me. We have little time left in these bodies, after all, so let us hope that the next piece of the Lifehold is the core." "Then let us be off! We shall be the light that illuminates the glorious true path of mankind." "Very well. If you need me, I will be here aligning my heart chakra."
Chapter 10 "I sense strange spirits in this land they call Sylvalum. Shall I join you,that I might pacify the spirits by meditating on the Amitabha Buddha?" "Then let us be off! We shall be the light that illuminates the glorious true path of mankind." "Very well. If you need me, I will be here aligning my heart chakra."
Chapter 11 "All men stray from the path of enlightenment at times. It is what they do next that matters. This is the lesson I shall teach to Lao, once I have imbued it upon my fists. Will you allow me to give it?" "One way or the other, Lao, I shall introduce the dharma into your mislaid soul." "Very well. Then I entrust this duty to you."
Chapter 12 "Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. This is the task entrusted to we few remaining humans. It is a task I would very much like to complete. I can depart immediately, if you are willing?" "Then come Naraka or high water, we go to the Lifehold Core!" "Very well. I entrust this duty to you."


  • "Does your heart burn with a flame hot enough to forge a true BLADE?"
  • "Sensei will show you what it means to be a true Harrier."
  • "Friends? Humans have no xeno friends! Humans NEED no xeno friends!"
  • "Buddha, hear my prayer! Namo Amitabhaya!"
  • "You wish me to hold back by anger? To forgo my hatred? ...I understand. Allowing the Ganglion to kill again would put me on equal footing with them."
  • "We barely met, and he cared that much... I feel like I finally found satori thanks to that Ma-non."


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