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Business Acumen is L's first Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It occurs in the afternoon south of East Melville Street in the Commercial District.


"Ah, our dear friend Cross. You have come at a most fortuitous moment."
"This good Ma-non fellow intends to buy one of our many fine creations."
"However, he wishes to pay us not in credits, but in pizza!"
"We have stressed repeatedly that we rarely eat pizza, but he remains quite adamant."
"We are reminded of your human aphorism that a nod is as good as a drink with a blind horse. How true!"
"It matters naught how good this frozen pizza is—a barter economy is not a viable model."
Suggest – "Say that L could sell the pizza to other Ma-non."
"Hmm. An intriguing proposition."
"That possibility had not occurred to us."
"We are reminded of the time we sold a small rock found in Noctilum to a superstitious woman for 3,000 credits."
"Very well. We shall sell the pizza at an elevated price to other Ma-non who have bought into the pizza fad."
"But… Hold a moment."
"Surely the customer that overpays for the pizza would come to fiercely regret being taken advantage of, and later spurn our business."
"We mustn't sacrifice long-term profits for a small, short-term gain."
"No, instead of immediately reselling these frozen pizzas at a markup…"
"We should find a way to use our talents to increase their value, THEN resell them at an appropriate price!"
"In other words, we will accept pizzas in lieu of credits from the Ma-non, upgrade said stock of pizzas, and then sell them to different Ma-non customers."
"This could be the beginning of a beautiful new business model!"
"But wait…"
"That would be an endless loop of pizza—one that would leave us without money for the rest of our days."
"Dear us. Whatever are we to do…?"
Admire – "Express admiration at L's business acumen." (+heart)
"Well, as they say, "When in Rome get to roaming.""
"Mr. Nagi was kind enough to suggest a book of economics that he believed would help us with our fledgling business."
"He mentioned that it had been written by the founder of Sakuraba Industries."
"We found it to be temendously interesting—both for learning Earth history and traditions, as well as economics."
"And now that we think back, the book stressed that one must always prioritize long-term gains over short-term profits."
"We suppose that would include being willing to accept pizza as a means of payment."
"So perhaps we could find a way to increase the value of the pizza, then resell it at an appropriate markup?"
"This could be the beginning of a beautiful new business model!"
"We need to begin developing new products at once, lest we wander this opportunity. We will continue our conversation another day!"
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