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Candid & Credible

Candid & Credible is an Arms Manufacturer in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is an end-to-end enterprise which has been started for fun by the Ma-non. Its purpose is to develop products that help protect life. Its CEO is Tutura.

This AM is unlocked upon completion of Chapter 5. They excel in high-defense ground gear, and are expanding their market further with electric-attribute weapons.



Candid & Credible armor pieces are named based on the location they are worn and the type of armor.

Type Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Light Wear Screen Breaker Ward Trudgers
Medium Wear Sights Encaser Grip Distancers
Heavy Wear Armet Bulwark Wrest Stabilizers

Battle Traits

The following battle traits can be found on Candid & Credible armor. Only a small selection of the possible battle traits are available in armor purchased from the Shop Terminal. The remaining battle traits can be found in armor obtained by defeating enemies.

Type Battle Traits
Head Potential Up, Potential Boost, Resist Sleep, Stun: Barrier, EXP Boost, Treasure Sensor, Weather Master
Torso Max HP Up, Resist Flinch, Resist Electric Res Down, Resist Shock, HP Rebound, Reflect: Electric, Reflect Damage Up, Extend Aura, Danger Surge, Incapacitation Surge, EM Storm Screen
Arms L Max TP Up, Melee Attack Up, Electric Res Up, Vantage Attack Plus, Extend Overdrive, Aura: Refuel, Art Draw Surge, Underdog Surge, Overdrive Surge
Arms R Max HP Up, Melee Attack Up, Electric Res Up, Back Attack Plus, Overdrive Count Up, Overdrive Green Bonus, Aura: Refuel, Melee Draw Surge, Critical Surge
Legs Max TP Up, Evasion Up, Max TP Boost, Resist Stagger, Resist Topple, Resist Knockback, Resist Launch, Resist Gravity Res Down, Topple: Barrier, Terrain Damage Reducer

Enemy Drops

Candid & Credible armor is dropped by the following types of enemies.

Type Enemy
Light Wear Lophid
Medium Wear Duoguill, Scintimure
Heavy Wear Filiavent, Jacul, Liceor

Arms Manufacturer Upgrades

Level 1

  • Introduction: "This Ma-non arms manufacturer specializes in solid defensive gear, and is aiming to expand its market with its lineup of electric weapons."

Level 2

  • Light Wear Series: "We researched you humans a lot to come up with this bold piece, you know? Isn't it so avant-garde? Oh, and it works pretty well in battles, if that's your thing."
  • Dyads III Series: "Want to turn mechanoids into slag? Then you need some solid gravity weapons in your arsenal!"
  • Haven II Series: "Have we got something for you! These babies are too heave for us to use, but they'd be no problem for you guys, you know?"

Level 3

  • Heavy Wear Series: "This defense is going to make your jaw drop, don't you think? Electrical attacks won't even faze you. Oh, and did we mention that this lineup makes quite the fashion statement? Trust us. I mean, we ARE named Candid & CREDIBLE, right?"

Level 4

  • All Products Upgraded!: "Thank you for your support. We added some bells and whistles to make our gear stronger, so we think you'll probably like it?"
Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Unique" rarity, with two battle traits.

Level 5

  • All Products Further Upgraded!: "Thank you for your support. We added even more bells and whistles to make our gear stronger, all right? Hopefully you'll like it?"
Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Prime" rarity, with three battle traits.
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