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Target window of a Unique Monster

Unique Monsters are a special group of enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles that have unique names. They are more powerful than typical enemies in the same area, and will always attack the party regardless of their level.

Unique monsters are characterized by a special target window frame. When a specific Unique Monster is defeated for the first time in a given play-through, the party earns one Affinity Coin per member.

They will always drop a Gold Treasure Chest, except the quest-exclusive Conflagrant Raxeal which always drops a silver chest.

The background music "You Will Know Our Names" is played during battles with Unique Monsters, except during the battle against the Frenzied Bana, in which "A Tragic Decision" is played.

There are 157 Unique Monsters in the game, including 5 Superbosses and 49 Quest Unique Monsters, with 8 being Quest Exclusive.

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