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The Centre Gate is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in Eryth Sea, and it is where two transporters come together at the gate to Alcamoth. One of these is from the southeastern transporter of Hovering Reef 2 and the other is from the High Entia Tomb transporter. In the middle of the Centre Gate is the transporter that takes the party to the Main Entrance of Alcamoth.

There are a few High Entia citizens who wander around the gates and the balconies. The Centre Gate also presents a place to view the Eryth Sea.


After Melia goes on ahead to Alcamoth, Shulk and the others are waiting around here. A short while after she leaves, the group are arrested and taken to Whitewing Palace without them knowing why.

Later in the game after the events at Prison Island, the group are taken to the other side of the river in Makna Forest in one of the High Entia transports so that they can proceed to Valak Mountain and Sword Valley. The transport leaves from this landmark.


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