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For the chapter in the plot, see Chapter 3: Builders of a Legacy.

Chapter 3 is a Story Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It corresponds to Chapter 3 of the main plot. It is received from Vandham immediately after Cross chooses his or her Division affiliation. Over the course of the mission, the party is introduced to Tatsu and the Follow Ball. This is the last story mission that is automatically accepted after the previous, allowing the player to focus on other missions in the future.


  1. "Head to the Pathfinders' last known location in southeast Primordia."
  2. Achieve all objectives.
    • "Defeat the Prone scout." (1)
    • "Defeat the Prone scout." (1)
  3. "Enter Primordia's Seaswept Base and search for the Pathfinders."
  4. Achieve all objectives.
  5. "Report back to Commander Vandham at the BLADE Barracks."


"Nelson's team was completely obliterated by hostile xenos. But you did at least make contact with one friendly xenoform—a Nopon named Tatsu."

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