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The Chilkin Lair (Japanese: チルキンのねぐら, Chirukin no negura, lit. Chilkin roost) is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located on the upper level of Valak Mountain. The lair is in fact a cave that can be reached if the road north of the Mechonis Wound is followed. It connects with the west section of the entrance of Hollow Bone.

The fastest way to reach this location is to fast travel to Hollow Bone and head directly south towards a cave; that cave is Chilkin Lair.


Location: Chilkin Lair

There is an ongoing feud between the Chilkin and the spiders in the region of Valak. For most of the time, there is a balance of forces between them, creating a peace of sorts in the mountain. However, with the rise of a weak Chilkin leader, the tables have shifted to the spiders. The Chilkin Lair is a prime example of this, with all of the Chilkin missing or encased in cocoons.


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