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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Cian (Japanese: キィーノ, Kyīno) is a High Entia in Xenoblade Chronicles. She is the daughter of Vol'aren, and Atael's sister. She can be found in Alcamoth playing near Vol'aren and Atael, east of the Fountain of Hope, under the escalator.

During Looking for a Lost Daughter, she may also be found on the ground floor, due east of the Fountain of Hope, in some shallow water, next to a wall that is actually a ramp.

After the events at the Mechonis Core, she can be found with Atael in Frontier Village around the Reservoir, standing by the water's edge.


Trade (Alcamoth)

Item Affinity Value
League Leggings (0 slots) 1
White Tail ☆2
Strength Down III ☆2
Sturdy Armour ☆2
Saint Rod (0 slots) ☆2
Blue Ladybird ☆4
Strength Down IV ☆4
Protection Mask ☆4
Jail Top (1 slot) ☆4
Sea Frog Overtrade +9,900 G

Trade (Frontier Village)

Item Affinity Value
Wrecking Nibbler (1 slot) 1
Venomous Lizard ☆2
Makna Top (0 slots) ☆2
Poison Attack III ☆3
Poison Attack IV ☆4
Cool Sandals (Unique) ☆5
Eks Iron Heart Overtrade +1,740 G
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