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Classes are mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Each Class has a set of melee and ranged Weapons, and several associated Battle Arts.

During battle, the Class Rank gauge is displayed for each playable character. Once the gauge is full, the Class will be levelled up. All party members have a fixed class. Some playable characters have an alternative class that are a sort of combination of two classes, for example Doug's class is an Alternative Blast Fencer, noted "Blast Fencer +" in-game. Cross is the only party member who can select a class.

Class Change

Cross can freely switch her/his class as the game progresses. Classes are necessary in order to learn different Arts. When the initial Class, Drifter, reaches the rank 10, it becomes possible to change it, and to choose and develop one of the next three classes branches. Drifter gives access to the three first level classes (Striker, Commando and Enforcer).

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As the origin of all classes, Drifter allows to learn some Arts in a very balanced way. The basic equipped Weapons are Knives and Assault Rifles.

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The Striker (Assault in Japanese versions) is specialised in offensive and defensive Arts types. This class involves HP and Attack force corrections. The basic equipped Weapons are Longsword and Assault Rifle. The Commando (Command in Japanese versions) increases several Arts damage against enemies. The Melee and Ranged attack accuracies are corrected in this way. The basic equipped Weapons are Dual Swords and Dual Guns. The Enforcer (Forcer in Japanese versions) is specialised in Support and Ranged Arts. The Abilities and the Ranged Attack power are corrected in this way. The basic equipped Weapons are Knives and Rayguns.

Classes by Level (Ranged / Melee)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


  • Because arts are attributed to certain weapons, certain arts might not carry over when switching classes.
  • Once a Level 4 class is mastered, the unique weapons for that class can be carried over when switching to another class.
  • Of the initial class branches, Commando is the only one not share any weapon with Drifter.
  • Elma and Nagi are the only non-customizable characters who have a level 4 class. Elma is a Full Metal Jaguar, while Nagi is an Alternative Duelist.
  • Some playable characters' classes (other then Cross) like Irina's Psycorruptor+ will have a Class that involved the melee weapons.
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