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Clear Sky Beak is a Secret Area in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is an overlook located above Coolley Lake on the Upper Level - Right area of Gormott Province, accessible from Zeno's Deadbole. The quest The Driver in Ice is received here from Llonya.

There are no enemies here.

Reaching the area

  1. From the Nocclia Timber Site, the party must head up the giant tree branch hugging the rock face behind the lodge.
  2. The party must then continue to the end of the branch, above where Immovable Gonzalez sleeps.
  3. The branch will end at a waterfall into a hollow tree trunk. The party must jump into the fast-flowing stream below the waterfall.
  4. Just before the stream empties into Coolley Lake, the leader of the party must make a jump, which, if timed correctly, will land the party inside Zeno's Deadbole.
  5. Finally, the party must dive into the underground spring (requires Lv. 3 "Water Mastery" and Lv. 3 "Fortitude"). Successfully doing so will take the party to the Clear Sky Beak.

Alternatively, in New Game Plus, if Cressidus has been bonded with and the player has him, his Driver and Mikhail, they can view the Heart-to-Heart "Muscle Power" in the Torigoth Relay Base. By selecting the top option, Cressidus will throw the Driver right to Clear Sky Beak, without the need to use the previous method.