For the collectables collection in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Collectopaedia.

The Collectopedia is a game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is set in the layout of a collection inventory, with a slot for each available collectible in a certain region. Once either a row or a full category are collected, the party is rewarded with an item; a weapon or an armor. Once a full region is collected, the party is rewarded with a probe. There are ten types of collectibles but only three to six types can be listed in a collection. Each collectible has a precise appearance rate: common, rare, unique, or prime, sold for 100, 200, 300, or 400 Credits respectively.

Lucky Panel

When a collectible case with a displayed star is registered for the first time, the Lucky Panel will appear and 2 BP will be rewarded.

Collectible Types

Appearance Rate

  • Common (grey) sold 100 Credits
  • Rare (blue) sold 200 Credits
  • Unique (green) sold 300 Credits
  • Prime (gold) sold 400 Credits

Collectopedia by Region